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First day of Freshers' Week

Freshers' Week officially started yesterday (i.e. Sunday, 4 October 2015) and it kicked off with this thing called 'Family Day'. It is not a day for your real parents and family members to visit Cambridge. Rather, it is basically orientation with a cutesy name: the college divides all new students into different groups, which are led by current students called 'parents'; and 'family day' is for the parents to show their children/sons/progency/etc around the college.

It is pretty silly but also cute in a way. My 'parent' sent everyone an email and the salutation was 'hello my sons'.

We had a tour of Magdalene College, then stopped by the shop opposite King's Chapel for the infamous Cambridge academic gown which is to be worn to formal dinner, then tried to have lunch in two different pubs before settling for a third one. We were at the first one at about 1.45pm and they were only taking orders from 2.15pm. Um, okay. The second one - I don't remember; it was probably full. We barely just squeezed into the third one and I had salmon fishcakes. It was okay. English pub food doesn't really excite me.

We had coffee after this at an Italian place whose name I can't remember and I shared a tiramisu with my 'parent', Claudio. It was pretty good. He's Italian, and according to him, it was good for British standards and passable for Italian standards.

There was an introductory talk by the graduate tutor and a fire safety talk by the marshall at 5.30pm. I was feeling rather sick then; after the tour, I came back to my room and slept for about 10 minutes before heading for the talk. As such, I was falling asleep and I felt really warm and gross.

I went back to the house after that. The kitchen was pretty full. I made dinner, and so did Arthur, and Daniel prepared some dinner too, and Sophie was already in the kitchen making a salad when we got back. I found it interesting how Daniel said that the fake Singaporean-style beehoon I made (basically curry-flavoured beehoon) looked impressive. It didn't taste that good this time.

The day ended with a black tie cocktail thing in one of the rooms in Benson something. I wanted to wear dressy jeans but I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb, so I wore one of the four dresses (excluding the Warehouse dress that I intend to wear to Matriculation dinner) that I brought from Singapore that looked vaguely cocktail-ish. It's my grey Oasis long sleeve dress with bird prints. I was definitely one of the more colourful person at the event.

I met a few new people over the past two days, but only really talked extensively to a couple of guys. One of them is a Greek guy doing genetics who is 22 or something ridiculous like that. The other gave the college tour and is doing a PhD in mathematics. He sounded really like Dr K when he spoke and I was right in guessing that he's German.

I wanted to write some thoughts but I'm literally falling asleep right now and there's matriculation photo at 9.15am, so I am going to bed. More when I'm awake with a functional brain.
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