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Did Michael Lynche really sing Eleanor Rigby? Eleanor Rigby?

I had David Cook's version playing in my head the whole time. First the live performance, then the studio recording. And because he did a Cook Repeat, I officially cannot stand Michael Lynche. It also didn't help that the first half of the song (the only half I watched; I fast-forwarded through the rest of the assault on my ears) was so corny and overwrought with all his stupid head shakes and hand motions. And his voice is just so thin and nasally, that it's totally unpleasant to listen to.

Also, nice to see Lee gain confidence, but I didn't know what the fuck was going on throughout the whole thing. The bagpipes merely served to put the icing on the WTF cake. And the singing was just terrible.

Siobhan continues to annoy me. Truth is, I just don't like her voice very much. And her outfit was fucking ugly.

Crystal did Come Together which Kris did last season but it wasn't one of Kris' best (though I did like it) so no complaints there. I was still hearing Kris sing it in my head though, while listening to her. She's good and all but very one-note and same-y and she's getting boring to me.

Aiyah this season just sucks. I don't know why I'm still bothering. Watching all of Cook's performances in chronological order, two times in a row, would be more entertaining than watching a single episode of American Idol this season.


Played tennis with Ben and it was atrocious. I had short periods of time when I played okay but the rest of it was just plain bad. I pretty much didn't feel right the whole time - low in energy level, couldn't focus, just plain tired. To think I was really looking forward to tennis on Monday night.

Also? I forgot my wrist band. Which means the sweating was utterly uncontrollable. I hate having sweat all over my face and having nowhere to wipe it on. Next time when I remember that I haven't taken along my wrist band when I'm outside my house I will be sure to go back in and take a wrist band.

Oh and my top was damn tight and giving me a lot of problems.

Aiyah the whole session was just shit lah. I took one of the middle courts and the stupid light shone directly into my eyes when I looked up, across to the other side of the court, to receive the ball. Couldn't see the ball properly at times. It was damn irritating.

Bad tennis session. I am very sad.



Also? This stupid job hunting shit isn't going too well at the moment. Asked around for firms that are hiring criminal lawyers and the usual suspects aren't hiring.

Grah what am I going to do. Shit, I hate this profession.

I have to constantly remind myself that I HAVE to do this for at least a year, maybe two, so that I can leave it in peace. And of course, I need the freaking money to do what I want to do.

But grah. The motivation is non-existent most of the time. Criminal law was the exception to my rule, and barring working in a small firm which I don't want to do for various reasons, it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

This is yet another reason to leave this country. Even my options are limited when I look within the profession, because nothing really caters to my interest, and I'm not bothered enough to mould my interests to suit the profession/market/whatever. I stick to what I like because it's what I'm good at, and sticking to what I like is what I do best. I wish it were easier, but as it stands, I'm severely running out of options.

And white collar crimes...sigh. I can see it getting repetitive (wow what the hell is "repetitious"? I originally typed that. I really am tired) and boring after a while: draft reps, mitigation plea, sentencing principles. Rinse, lather and repeat. To be fair, it's probably true of criminal practice in general; but having sordid details to gawk over makes the work slightly more interesting than defending charges under the Securities and Futures Act or whatever.

I'm so tempted to just say "fuck it" to this law thing and do something else. But I need the money, and I need the peace of mind, and I don't really have Plan B at the moment. I haven't given much thought to this job thing because I'm super sick of working at the moment. That's due to change when I realise I'm not going to have any money from May onwards unless I get myself a job. I hope it happens, somehow.


I think it's time to sleep.

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