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Quick entry:

1. I am incredibly tired right now. I was up at 7.30am to go for research training at 9am and I only got home at 11pm. ELEVEN PM. I had a drinks reception at the law faculty at 5, which went on till about 7.30pm, and then I went for an informal welcome dinner with the non-first year PhD law students after the reception. The dinner took ages; the food took a very long time to be served. By the time I was eating, it was like 9.30, and we were at an Indian restaurant, so I had RICE and CURRY at NINE THIRTY. Horrifying.

2. That said, it was a good day. I managed to finish the first half of my conference paper so I'm going to put that aside and work on my PhD for the next few days. The drinks was good too, as was dinner. I spent quite a lot of time talking to Raffael, another first year PhD student who's doing research on the philosophical foundations of human rights and how it can or cannot apply to animal rights. I really like that someone's doing research in the name of the animals. Anyway, the thing that I want to say is, he told me about a part of Wittgenstein's philosophy on private language and it sounded incredibly fascinating. I wish I had the brain to understand Wittgenstein but alas, I don't even remember what the picture theory is.

3. The third point is a point that I cannot make publicly, so it shall go into a private entry.

4. I am going to London later today to attend a lecture by Professor John Finnis on judicial power, and he will be introduced by Lord Hoffman. I am so excited. First, it's Finnis, so that says it all. Second, it's on judicial power which is relevant to my conference paper, and since my conference paper is not unrelated to my PhD, the lecture is also not unrelated to my PhD. Third, it's Lord Hoffman too!

That said, I must admit that I don't remember much of what I read of Finnis in Year 1 of law school. Since that took place ten years ago, I think I have a reasonable excuse. Anyway, I am also simultaneously excited about going to London, but alas, I think I will be in the LSE library working on my PhD. This has become really crucial now; people keep asking me what my research is and I can't answer beyond 'human rights in Asia from a theoretical perspective'. Things are getting dire a little bit.

Maybe I will stop by the National Gallery...but alas, it is not really near the LSE. The lecture is at Gray's Inn which is super close to the LSE, so the plan of working in the LSE library really makes sense. Anyway, I will see.

5. I can't remember what else. Well, I have been emo-ing about G, but I don't feel like writing about that now so whatever. I'm going to write that thing that I can't say publicly and then I will go to bed.
Tags: cambridge, phd, philosophy

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