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Jay Chou's new album sucks. The absolute train wreck that is the first single (some cowboy song) stands out from most of the rest of the songs because of how utterly ridiculous it is. The rest of the album consists of two relatively up-tempo tracks and...slow-ass songs. That all sound the same.

But one song stands out for a good reason - the last track. It's the only song that made me feel something and it's probably the only song that I can be arsed to listen to. It's incredibly sad and emo and it got rather close to making me feel all sad and emo so I switched it off after three plays. The lyrics are written by Jielun himself so they're not superb, technically and stylistically speaking, but they're still damn sad. The whole bloody song is damn sad. Remind me to never listen to this song when I'm tipsy.



朦朧的時間 我們溜了多遠
冰刀劃的圈 圈起了誰改變
如果再重來 會不會稍嫌狼狽


In my humble and VERY informed opinion, this song in the whole album that's worth listening to. Everything else is just blah. And the first track - I can't even put into words how utterly juvenile and plain ridiculous I think it is.

I shall not dwell on the song because I really would get all emo, and I have a term paper to write, and I tried writing the intro but I don't know how to start. Well, there's some sort of progress - I've saved a Word document as "Draft 1". And I've written the title in it as well as the word "introduction".

I'm so dead.

In other news, my bra - the one I'm wearing now - smells of Clinique Happy. How happy is that?
Tags: angst, assignments, jay chou, law school, lyrics, neb, songs

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