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rubbish entry.

I just watched the 20th episode of the third season of Lost on Channel 5 and I must say, that show is this huge-ass brain fuck. I LOVE IT. Unfortunately it doesn't instill an obsessive passion in me the way Veronica Mars did so I don't remember what happened in the first two seasons. But it's DAMN GOOD. John Locke BETTER NOT DIE.

I still don't really know why John Locke is called John Locke, or why Danielle Rousseau is called Rousseau in the show. Or why Desmond Hume is called Hume. And then there's Kate Austin. ARGH WHAT THE FUCK. BRAIN FUCK. How come there's no Hart? Or Dicey? Or maybe there is. I don't know the show very well at all. Oh wait it's Kate Austen. Okay whatever. IMDB told me that Terry O'Quinn is on Lost from 2004-2008, so this means that LOCKE IS NOT DEAD. YAY!

Anyway, quite apart from that, I would like to announce that I bloody hate my Emergencies term paper. It's utter shit. I mentioned Dicey nowhere which means I'm doomed, and I can't add him in because the bloody word limit is 4000 and my word count is 6188. Contrary to what I seem to be suggesting (seem to be because it doesn't come across clearly at all), I don't actually know if I think that we should respond to emergencies through law. I really don't know anything. I must be insane to advocate the judiciary as a check on government powers for Thailand, a country where the judiciary is more or less useless and corrupt. Great, I'm going to die. And I have 2000 words to cut out. That's a third of my paper, what the fuck? And my conclusion is a three-liner due to the fact that I got damn sick of writing. My introduction is three pages. I AM INSANE. Maybe I'll just cut and paste my conclusion from the intro. What am I supposed to write in my conclusion anyway? I hate this.
Tags: assignments, law school, lost, tv shows

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