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useless entry.

The more I think about it, the more it becomes glaringly obvious exactly what it is that I need.

I need to find a guy. Or rather, I need to find guys. Not to fill up the void because there is no void, but as a reminder that the world, contrary to what a warped part of me seems to believe, actually contains more than one guy. Like, wow - NO WAY! How could that possibly be? How absolutely shocking!

Right, no more self-mockery. And no more a lot of other shit too, ceteris paribus. Even if not ceteris paribus, it could all go bust and die and I would still remain rock Because I am of the genuine believe that I rule the world and that only the best is ever good enough and if anything falls remotely short, it is a fucking waste of time and effort. And money. And...gas money. You know, for the car? Clearly I'm rambling. But I'm sure the point is clear.

And speaking of cars, the fact that I can now drive myself to places means that having a licence and a car to utilise the said licence is no longer an added bonus; it is a pre-requisite. Can you imagine driving the bloody guy home all the time? Like, fuck, I am not into neo-feminism, thank you very much. And needless to say, I'm nowhere near that nice. And it's a huge waste of petrol if you want my honest opinion and petrol is so expensive! Thank goodness my parents pamper me enough not to make me pay for petrol bwahahah. I'm sure I've wasted a lot of petrol already, what with my inability to park under thirty seconds (okay, one minute) and needing about ten million corrections before the car is properly - and I'm talking properly in its most formal, minimal conception - parked. A few weeks ago I drove to school for Emergencies class and I reached the campus at 11.55 when the class was at 12. In the end I was five minutes late for class. Why? Because I couldn't park. I tried three different parking lots and adjusted the stupid vehicle about twenty times before I could leave. It's pathetic, it really is, and I'm not even sure if my parking has improved.

Also, I haven't properly parallel parked, not counting the two occasions in which I drove into a parallel lot. I don't even want to imagine how long it would take for me to attempt to take a parallel lot between two cars.

I like driving by myself and I like driving by myself a lot and I don't like driving with other people in the car. It freaks me out and I don't like that immense sense of responsibility because it freaks me out, and I would need to take care not to brake the way I usually do, meaning brake a few seconds before the last possible moment which I'm pretty sure would induce car-sickness in the least susceptible individual. So when I'm going to places with my mom I prefer her to drive because I really do not like driving with other people in the car.

The other day I drove the entire family to my grandma's house which is in the East and I almost died. It didn't help that my dad kept telling me to slow down. Like, what? Slow down when I was being overtaken by all the other cars? What an incredible suggestion.

In other news, Evidence has been a complete fucked up pain in my ass and I can't stress enough at all how bloody irritating it is. It doesn't help that I have no affinity whatsoever with statutes and all the PROVISIONS and the SECTIONS and the ILLUSTRATIONS are killing me. I don't even know what a 'proviso' is. What is a proviso? I'm going to fail my exams.

Next semester, I'm going to try really hard to limit the number of exams I have to take to one. Because I can't do this shit; it's torture, cruel and inhumane...torture, and I like writing papers. But Restitution is an exam leh. Sigh.

I don't even intend to do Hearsay in the kind of detail I've done Burden/Standard of Proof, etc. Because Hearsay is just way too much shit. And it's fucking confusing. If possible, I won't even attempt any Hearsay questions. It's interesting undoubtedly; Evidence, save for retarded nonsense like Competence/Compellability and Legal Professional Privilege which are incredibly and unspeakably boring and pointless, is quite interesting. But it's so tedious, because it's primarily statute-based. And I hate statutes. I never know what to do with statutes. Long statutes are even worse. The Evidence Act is damn long.

Less complaining, more studying. I also need to stop playing Scrabulous. I was doing random nonsense on Facebook at 2 a.m. I am incorrigibly lazy.

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