anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

poem: DNA

Another stupid poem. I'm so sorry for having to put you through the torture of reading my sorry excuses for poetry, but you can always click away, can't you? Oh my god, I actually wrote a rhyming wonder it sounds so bad... _________________________________________________

We practice oppresion here
where the DNA matches.
We strangle and suffocate each other
because blood is thicker than water.

My blood travels through my heart
in a stream of waterfall.
And one day the source would be shut off
so that no life can flow at all.

Your genes are strangely identical to mine
though we are not the same.
And as your words get noisier,
I shut my ears in vain.

My mouth cannot utter the syllabuses I feel,
for they add oil to your fire.
And as I elevate myself into Middle Earth,
You throw my corpse to the pyres.

I watch as my elevation proceeds,
and see flatness in your eyes.
I feel tears appearing in mine,
for one day, this dream will come to life.

We practice normalcy here
where the DNA matches.
We strangle and suffocate each other,
because blood is thicker than water.
Tags: poems

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