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the biggest question on my mind.

The biggest problem/question on my mind right now isn't related to why retention of title in proceeds/newly-manufactured products have been read as charges that are void for non-registration under the Companies Act, or what the hell a shipper is, or why it is that Australian judgments - at least the ones I've come across - are all so freaking long.

The biggest problem on my mind right now is this:

Should I go and find out if Adam dies in the next episode of Heroes?

On the one hand, not knowing if he'd survive the next episode, which is supposedly the last episode of the season until the stupid WGA strike is resolved, is driving me crazy. I HAVE TO KNOW IF MY ADAM IS GOING TO DIE. Because he is my Adam and there is a very high chance of him dying, since apparently they're killing off two characters in the next episode, and I need to be assured that he won't die so that I can focus on studying for Friday's Personal Property paper. Yes, I do. I need assurance. I need to know that he'll live. Because I LOVE DAVID ANDERS and therefore ALL HIS CHARACTERS CANNOT DIE, no matter how unabashedly evil.

On the other hand, however, if I spoil myself and it really turns out that he's going to die, I'd be so damn devastated that I wouldn't be able to study for Personal Prop at all.

OMG I just saw a spoiler (blackened out, of course) and I highlighted the first few words and saw 'the Hero to die in the next episode will be' and I stopped there because I don't dare to find out if it's Adam or not!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Okay, so maybe he won't die because he's not really a Hero-hero; he's more an anti-Hero. He's like the villain and everything. But I don't think that is what they mean when they say that 'two heroes will die'. I think what they mean is that two characters will die, regardless of whether they're the good guys or the bad guys.

I think Sylar's hot and all but I love David so if a villain has to die, Sylar can die. In fact, he was supposed to die last season, hello? Bringing him back was so lame. Who else do I think should die?

You know what? I really don't care - AS LONG AS IT'S NOT ADAM. Please leave my poor 400-year-old Adam alone PLEASE. I think he's easily the most poor-thing character out of them all, considering he's practically immortal, which means he's lived long enough to see all the people he loves die one by one. Which then means that there's no point for him to fall in love, or to have any attachment whatsoever to anyone, because they'll all die before him and without him, and he'll just go on living his near-immortal life, all by his lonely self.

OMG POOR THING. Seriously, how completely tragic is that? POOR ADAM. He must be so lonely. Let me take care of you.

I've realised that when he isn't all styled up and hot David kind of looks like a drug addict. But OMG. There's just something so magnetic and charismatic about him that he's making me fret over whether or not to find out if his freaking character freaking dies in a freaking TV show that I'm not even obsessed with but which I'm becoming obsessed with ALL BECAUSE OF HIM two days before my freaking paper. WAH LAU EY. If only Friday's paper were something along the lines of "How Sexy is David Anders, Really?" Or "How Many Times Can David Anders say 'I'm From Oregon' in a British Accent Before It Gets Tiring?" The answer is obviously NEVER.

Okay. I shall be committed to my no-spoilers philosophy (though I did accidentally read some spoiler but I can't remember what it's about...oh I remember. Shit) and just wait one agonising bloody week to find out Adam's fate. But trust me on this: If he dies, if Adam Monroe/Kensei Takezo really freaking dies, I'm not going to be bothered one bit that next week's the last we'll see of Heroes until the strike is over.

If he doesn't die, I'm gonna be damn pissed - and I mean DAMN PISSED - that the producers are such stingy idiots for paying the writers...however little they're paying them.

Which is worse: Waiting months to see David, or not seeing him at all?

I think the waiting could be worse. It's MONTHS we're talking about, months that could possibly stretch into the next exam period. That is pure torture. There are only so many times I can re-watch Season 2 Heroes episodes and I don't have Alias DVDs. And I honestly can't remember at what point in time Sark appeared (though I remember distinctly my heart stopping when he appeared, six years ago). And I have no money, and my birthday's over, so I don't know how I'm gonna get Alias DVDs. But I want Alias DVDs!

Evidently, this entry is a waste of time. I need to read my retention of title because I don't know how the courts interpreted a retention of title clause as a freaking charge. In fact, I need to think a bit about what a charge is; I can't seem to remember.

Before I post this, can I just say this one last thing?


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