anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

strike three.

Spent the last hour and fifty minutes doing the first 8 questions of NJC's Maths prelim.

NJC is this top school. Like, top five. People who go to NJC are smart. Or at least, they should be. NJC is also opposite my college of choice, one which I obviously failed to get in to due to my extreme indifference towards my grades in Sec. 4, or more commonly and plainly known as: My bloody stupidity.

Anyway, I am so enervated that I think I could die.

My computer has just been attacked by some irritating ntsearch nonsense and now I have to delete the extraneous, nonsensical html tags from words like 'school' and college from the paragraph above.

What the hell is wrong with the Internet? How irritating.

I didn't want to come online but... couldn't resist the temptation. And I also think I need some sort of a stress releasing outlet thingy after that amazingly tedious NJC paper.

I mean, nobody is doing circular measure anymore and they have a six-mark on something related to it.

Of course, since my Maths is appallingly horrendous, that question may very well not be circular measure, but since I associated it with area of sectors and everything, I'm just gonna call it that.

Went to school today for Lit consultation.

I'm not going to school anymore unless I absolutely have to, ie. on days on which I have a paper, and do you want to know my reason for it?

I've decided that I'm not wearing my contact lenses during the exams. I'm afraid that something might go wrong with the flimsy plastics, like, they'd start to itch and be all dry and uncomfortable halfway through, for example, Econs, and that would be distracting and thus catastrophic, so I'm putting aside my high propensity to be vain and I'm being reasonable and practical and mature for once. But since my previous pair of lenses was already way past its expiry date, it means that I'd have to open a new pair if I go to school to study in the morning. And since I'm inherently cheapskate, I don't want to open a new pair only to wear it for a few days, therefore wasting a perfectly good pair of contact lenses. And since I won't have a pair to wear for the whole of this month until the 25th, I'm not going to school because I refuse to wear my grotesque glasses outside of the privacy of my home any more than I absolutely have to.

I don't think the above paragraph made sense but yeah, I'm too tired to better it, so.

My mom is pissing me off again. Went: "Du shu bu du shu wan dian nao."

Direct translation: Study don't study play computer.

Yeah okay whatever. I don't "play" the computer. I use it to type nonsense in my online journal as a stress-relieving outlet.

Then again, I'm not surprised at the comment. She's never understood anyway.

Okay, that sounded extremely 2000-ish and annoying-teenage-angst-crap-ish, but it's true.

I don't feel like going into it though.

Oh my god I just realised that it's November.

I'm taking my GP this Thursday.

I'm taking my History and Maths next Monday and Tuesday respectively.


I can't deal.


I think I'm gonna die.

My head feels like it's gonna implode any second now. This is bad.

Okay. Coherence and sense are non-existent so I'll stop here before this degenerates any further and before my parents piss me off enough to make me go on and on and on and yeah.



He said: "GP is the icing on the cake."

I know, but what if the icing melts before I get to taste it?

I think I'm gonna die.


And okay. This is it.

Tags: a levels, exams, mathematics

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