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IE completely fucked up my brand-new desktop yesterday after sic-ing some stupid advertisement on my computer for some crappy software whose makers must be total retards as the English was so damn bad but thankfully my mom and bro did something to do and now everything's back to normal. More importantly, I downloaded a new browswer from that totally rocks. Yes, some sites have their layouts completely warped and my beloved coloured scrollbars don't show up, but it's better than suffering through pop-ups after pop-ups, only to tear my hair out at the end of it all.

I was at some blog yesterday and the stupid tagboard unleashed the series of pop-ups AND VIRUSES. Stupid Microsoft. Bill Gates should be castrated for not bothering to upgrade his stupid Internet Explorer and allowing it to be savagely attacked by stupid computer geeks whose sole goal in life is to infect computers the world over with their stupid viruses and piss perfectly reasonable and nice people like myself off. What a great example of an irresponsible monopoly!

Confession: My favourite word in the whole entire world is 'stupid'. Just because.


Slept at 2 this morning writing horrendously bad pseudo-poetry. God, I need Jim Carroll's brains.

Speaking of whom, I'm so damn in love with his ten-page poem "While She's Gone". It's absolutely brilliant. I'd provide a sample but I'm too lazy to walk to my room, rummage around the mess that is my bed and produce the book, walk back here and type my favourite bits in here. Suffice to say, though, that I think he's a genius and I wouldn't mind marrying him either.

But wait, he's like...60-something? Oh my god. Sometimes I forget how old he is because of how young he was when he published "The Basketball Diaries", a book which I have fucking lost because I was kind enough to lend it to people but nevermind, I'd just buy another copy and boost his sales, and uh, yeah, I forgot what I was saying so nevermind.

Just had dinner. Don't really feel like writing anymore.

I'm a boring old git.
Tags: jim carroll, poetry, rant

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