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econs is nice.

I was all prepared to do another commentary on today's Econs but I just had dinner and I'm bloated again and hence the mood is kind of gone.a le

God my bloody right arm is aching. I can't even type without feeling it ache. And my elbow is aching too. Why is my arm aching when I used my hand to write?

And the above is proof of the kind of shitty things I'm definitely capable of writing.

Anyway, Econs was pretty good. I did 4, 5, and 6, just like the prelims so let's pray that the numbers work their magic again. And yeah, they were all macro so I freaked out for nothing half an hour before the start of the paper when I realised that I couldn't remember how to explain allocative effiency as I was trying to memorise it as I didn't really understand it but in the end I studied market structure for nothing.

Some crappy question on economies of scale came out that would've been easy for me if I studied EOS but I didn't so yeah.

I've lost count of the number of pages I've written today. I only remember going on and on and on and on and feeling as though my arm was about to break off from my arm socket or whatever and I didn't even have time to eat my Polo spearmint. It's sad. I kept wanting to stop and pop one into my mouth but after taking one hour to do question six, I decided to stop wasting time and write really quickly. I think my handwriting was barely legible but hey, whoever's gonna mark my script would feel rather pleased when he/she manages to decipher it and sees that what I wrote was...

Okay, I'm not gonna say it 'cause I don't wanna jinx it. But anyway, Question 4(a) was the crappiest question out of them all. Explain what determines the size of the national income multiplier. I did a question like this before, for the mid-year re-test (the mid-year test was also the first and only time I failed Econs in the year) but I forgot what I got for it but it wasn't very good but anyway, I really had no idea what I was supposed to say so I wrote some crap about CPF and how it contributes to a high marginal propensity to save... rate? Well, whatever. And I went off about Singapore's high import content, a phrase which I must've repeated ten million times throughout all three essays, and hence that contributes to a high marginal propensity to import and I wrote some bullshit about the Philippines and how it has a high marginal propensity to tax because the government needs to finance its budget deficit which is a crock of shit because it is precisely because its horrendous taxation system that Philippines is in the midst of a fiscal crisis now but hello, I was desperate and when I'm desperate I'd write anything as long as I think it sounds right but I think what I wrote sounds quite wrong but what the heck is to be done about that? Anyway, it was 10 marks, not 12, not 25, and the second half was okay, some stuff on fiscal policy, even though I didn't have the time to finish it but I think I covered four pages so yeah.

I think it went pretty well today, but. I hope that what I wrote were relevant and not wrong. I forgot the difference between aggregate expenditure and aggregate demand AGAIN so when I was going off about how a fall in investment will cause a fall in AD, I kinda fumbled a bit and wrote nonsense . I was hoping I didn't have to come to that but I couldn't say that investment is a component of AD when it's not, according to Miss Chin, so yeah.

Okay I felt pretty good halfway through the thing but now I'm getting a bit worried. I barely studied anything yesterday and this morning, although I did try. I was so tired last night and despite my morning shower, I was falling asleep on the couch where I was trying to read my notes. So most of what I wrote today were based on memory and logical conclusions. It's pretty scary. I didn't even touch fiscal policy and yet I did the question.

Oh no.

On the bright side, I think Question 6 is the best question in the world. It was so free response-like. It's something along the lines of, "To what extent are the main macroeconomic problems faced by Singapore in recent years the result of a depreciation of the Singapore dollar?"

When I saw that I was like, what the fuck? Singapore dollar where got depreciate? Last I checked it appreciated against the US dollar! So I wrote a one-page paragraph (Lit had a lot of those yesterday) on how a depreciation of the dollar would cause a slowdown in economic growth and spent the rest of the time going off about SARS and China and the US's current account and budget deficits and all. And rising oil prices.

I thought it was the best Econs essay I've ever written. I could hardly bear to part with it but I still had to in the end. It's so sad that I wouldn't be able to see it again. Oh well.

If I got Question Six all wrong, please don't tell me. I don't wanna know.

I also couldn't make myself write that external disequilibrium is a macroeconomic problem faced by Singapore because Miss Chin always went off about how we always have a BOP surplus so yeah. Mostly talked about economic growth and unemployment.

I think the paper was way better than last year's. Which is good.

And I can't make myself go on anymore.

Shit, have to do Lit tonight. Sian lah. I really don't feel like taking Paper 8 on Friday. If I screw that up, I can totally forget about getting an A for Lit and that is simply unacceptable.

Stupid Bulldog. You bitch. Burn.

Once again the skin on my thumb is feeling awfully dislocated and rearranged. Great. Econs AND History on Monday. I don't know if I should be glad that History is in the afternoon so that the three hours wouldn't kill my hand and thus rendering it useless for Econs but I don't want Econs Paper 2 to do the same for History either 'cause I kinda have to secure the A on Monday, you know? It's Paper 2. It's easy. So.

Okay, yeah, I think this is it. I'm bloody tired.

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