anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Skipping Roger's match.

So disgusted I was with Roger's 7-6, 7-6 "victory" over [forgot his first name] Serra that I wasn't even arsed to find out when Ch 22 is repeating the whole show so that I could get my mom to record it for me. This is the FIRST TIME EVER that I couldn't be bothered/refused to watch a Federer match that he won. Why? Because it was supposed to end with one break in the first set and a double break in the second. Incredible that he got broken TWICE while serving for the match. Cue utter lack of interest in wasting time watching him screw up what was supposed to be a walk in a park and watching two tie-breaks.

Thanks, but no thanks. Hopefully he beats Tomas Berdych in style, cos I want to see the Berdych Forehand, and thus I'd like to watch this match. I hope to see a decisive Federer victory, at least on paper, when I open the live scores at work tomorrow morning.

He really ought to win this damn tournament considering the fact that Murray and Djoke both lost their opening matches. Not that they could trouble him, but it just seems rather retarded not to win the tournament when half the top 4 is out.

In any case, this American hardcourt season has been rather boring. The fact that they are not timezone-friendly doesn't help matters either.

Anyway, I don't have anything else to say. Well, apart from how I was moody at work the whole day until it was like 5 p.m. and almost time to go home. And when I stepped out of the office I instantly felt much better.

Sad, right? I know.

Tags: miami masters, pupillage, roger federer, tennis, tomas berdych

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