anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

this is fast becoming a trend. (bad entry.)

Yay, no school tomorrow - again! What a fabulous, outta this world three-day week. Bwahaha. I wanted to watch a movie tomorrow until I realise there's nothing to watch since Notes on a Scandal opens only on Thursday. So now I want to shop. I've tried on a top from Esprit like ten million times but didn't buy it for some reason and now I feel like buying it so I'm probably gonna buy it tomorrow.

Problem? My mom's sending the car for servicing at 10.30, which means that in order for me not to get all irritated trying to get to the 171 bus stop by myself (see this saga), I'd have to finish the LCS pop quiz real quick (which is more or less the default case for me; how hard can guessing be, right?), which means I'd have to wake up at NINE A.M. Oh my fuck.

Or maybe I could just bring my laptop to somewhere with free wireless and do my LCS pop quiz there. But that'd mean I'd have to lug my laptop around whilst shopping and that sucks too.

I just remembered that I haven't heard anything about the jeans I sent to Mango for alteration on the day after Pei's birthday. Seriously, by the time they give it back to me, I wouldn't be able to wear it anymore. My waist would've miraculously and inexplicably got smaller and well, I'm sure my point is clear.

I ate a chocolate cake at Coffee Bean today before I went for driving 'cause I was hungry and craving chocolate. This really has to stop, no shit.

Driving was fun. I got some random instructor, for whatever reason. Did 90 degrees parking. Didn't like the circuity stuff but loved driving, period. Too bad I was stuck in the circuit the whole time. Stage Three is so boring.

I can't wait to get my licence.

I can't wait to get my own car.

Even though driving still freaks me out.

So yes, shopping tomorrow. The thought of Chinese New Year being just around the corner is enough to assuage any guilt I may feel with regard to further depleting my already-very-depleted bank account balance. I need, like, a job, or something.


This is another bad, pointless entry. I want to play TextTwist.

Tags: clothes, driving, random

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