anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

another shit entry.

Public Law lecture was supremely entertaining. Rui and I were Bluetoothing each other pictures of messages we wrote to each other on whatever scraps of paper we could find, and Mag was reading Sinfest and playing TextTwist, and I think I listened to a grand total of fifteen minutes of the lecture. TLA has concluded her series of lectures and today it was some other dude and um, he was boring. On the plus side, he ended fifteen minutes early. That, in my book, is always good.

I so totally miss LCL's lectures. Sigh.

I cancelled my driving lesson to go to town with Mag. But I did have an agenda: I wanted to buy a birthday present for my dad. I ended up buying the Chinese translation of Voltaire's Candide, which I've read (in English - duh) and really liked. As always, I had a great time with Mag, but that more or less goes without saying by now. Lunched at NYDC and I forced myself to finish my food; she, on the other hand, didn't eat the cheese on her baked rice and left behind this really disgusting-looking heap of, like, dried mozzarella (sp?) cheese. She was so bored that she sprinkled tobasco sauce, chilli flakes and cheese all over it, and then proceeded to pour the milk for my iced coffee on it. Like, ew. Gross!

We watched that Jack Neo movie which was uh, very Jack Neo-ish. Surprisingly, Fann Wong was funny, though hearing her speak English was quite a painful experience. I don't know why this is but I didn't find the movie very funny on the whole. The Indian security guard dude was damn funny though.

Yeah, it was okay.

Came home for dinner in the end. The crowd at Orchard scared the living daylights out of me. There was a human traffic jam after the escalator out of Wisma towards the MRT station and I almost died trying not to lose my cool as I nudged my way to the bloody MRT station. For some weird reason, Singaporeans just can't do the Keep Left thing. Wouldn't it be a lot faster and more efficient if everyone kept to the left so that there'd be this really amazing thing called Space to Walk because then people wouldn't need to dodge whoever's walking in their direction? For the love of my sanity.

I really have to start on my Public Law assignment. But VM finally downloaded so I'm going to go watch that first. Bwahaha.

My brother finished my entire packet of Pepperidge Farm's soft-baked dark chocolate brownie cookies. WTF. It's good and bad actually, bad because I wanted to eat it, good because I wanted to eat it and couldn't. It's fattening. But oh so yummy. Sigh.

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