anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

chinese new year day 1.

My mother and I.

My parents and I.

With my baby cousin and my Constitutional Law casebook.

Camwhoring in the car out of boredom. (Then again, who needs an excuse to camwhore?)

My loot for Chinese New Year.

1. Morning

The first day of Chinese New Year is about the only day in the entire year on which I eat something more than one slice of bread for breakfast. More specifically, the annual small serving of mian xian (vermicelli, I think) that my mom cooks in the morning. It's yummmmmy. I had phone calls to my grandparents in Taipei on the side, as well as my mom nagging at me to hurry up finish my breakfast or we'd be late.

Late for what? Late to meet everyone else at the cemetery to pay respects to my grandfather. And it turned out we were the first to arrive. That has never happened before.

The sun burnt my skin and I got paranoid about getting sun burnt/tanned and so I hid in the car after doing the joss sticks thing; hence, my hair didn't stink as much this time round.

2. Afternoon

Went to my grandma's house for lunch and for ang pao collecting. Bwahaha. I received more this year than before, due to the fact that my paternal grandparents were pleased with my brother's O Levels and thus gave us each a hundred more. BWAHAHA. So totally awesome! I now have $632 more to spend on new clothes. Ah, happiness is me.

I brought my Constitutional Law casebook. How tragic is that? And I actually read like three more pages of the Wee Chong Jin constitution(al?) committee report and a couple of pages of the assigned readings on the rule of law which I didn't quite complete, to put it mildly. Apart from that, I was pretty bored. Food was good though, and I ate about 5 Julie's strawberry love leters. OMG I FEEL FAT. I also ate like two chocolate-coated raisins. OMG I FEEL DAMN FAT. And one of those super oily layered cake thingies from Sembawang Solo or whatever, only because my uncle compelled me to. OMG OMG I FEEL SO UNBELIEVABLY FAT.

Just kidding.

After grandma's, everyone went to my parents' late uncle's place. I ate one Meiji dark chocolate, two Meiji milk chocolate, one apple/chocolate/something else cookie, one peanut-ish tart/cookie thingy, one bowl of longan soup (I love dried longans), and half a piece of fried yam/carrot (don't know what it was) cake, the salty type, which I only stopped eating 'cause I discovered THERE WAS MEAT IN IT OH MY GOD. That's like a lot of unnecessary food. I felt damn stuffed after. And I still ate dinner. I so need to go swimming tomorrow. Let's hope it doesn't rain.

Apart from the stuff I ate, I would also like to write a few lines on how going to the house was yet another torture session for me. You know, the querulous chorus of "Wah you are so skinny!" Yeah, okay, I get it, I look at myself every single bloody day in the mirror and I know I'm skinny so yeah, whatever. My mom was talking to her cousin and I was standing around and the cousin was going off about how I looked better last year when I was fatter, and how it's better being meatier and whatever else. Then I discovered meat in my carrot/yam/whatever cake and told my mom, "Eh, this one got meat. I don't want already." The cousin went, "You don't eat meat?" Yada yada yada, the usual "why don't you eat meat?" questions ensued, and she proceeded to sound off about how not eating meat is detrimental for the health in the long run.

I answered that with, "Yeah, well, I'm not dead yet so it's all good." (In Chinese: Bu yao jin la, fan zheng hai mei si.)

She just looked at me like she couldn't believe I just said that. Adults just so totally don't get my sense of humour.

On second thoughts, I don't feel like annoying myself with responding to the meat thing so, yeah, whatever.

Oh, and another source of annoyance: People asking me about law school. How is law? Is it difficult? What do you mean by 'it's okay'? So do you have an interest in law? Why did you choose law if you don't have an interest in it?

Unless you want to spend fifteen minutes of your life listening to me go through the whole damn story about how I most unfortunately ended up in law, which, to be quite honest, isn't an interesting story at all, just...I don't know, don't ask? It's tiring. I just shrug and say, I don't know. It's the simplest answer to all annoying questions you don't really want to answer.

And some of them go, Oh, you'll be making a lot of money as lawyer in the future.

It's all I can do not to shatter their illusion by saying, Yeah, well, I don't fucking want to be a lawyer, and it's not all about the money. Instead, I force a very fake smile and nod and walk away.

Ah, Chinese New Year small talk. How I so totally do not miss you.

C. Night

Watched The Break-Up.

I loved the realistic ending.

But it was kinda boring and I was kinda falling asleep. Oh well.

Fell asleep in my parents' room at 9. Woke up half an hour later, came online, and it's 10.54 and I haven't done anything constructive ever since.

I really need to finish reading that report, boring as it is. At least the English is comprehensible.

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