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Assignment progress: I added about five bullet points to my Word document titled public law assignment.doc. I have a very, very vague idea of the direction I want my stupid and shitty essay to take.

BUT. I still haven't done 90% of my readings. And I don't even know what the amendments to the Constitution are, because there are so fucking many that it's almost completely ridiculous. Bloody g.overnment! This is one very good reason why the Constitution shouldn't be amended so many times: It's a major pain in the ass to helpless 2nd year law students who are tasked to write an essay on whether or not the amendments to the Constitution have strengthened or weakened constitutionalism, etc (too lazy to type) in Singapore, which therefore means that they have to somehow dig up all the amendments and see which ones are relevant and which ones aren't.

The problem with that is, if you've been sleeping through law school and library research classes and LAWR and whatever else, you wouldn't know where the hell to begin searching, even if 30% of your public law grades depends on it, which is the reality I'm forced to face right now. Rui mentioned Hansard on her blog and I have no clue at all WTF it is.

I'm, like, such a total winner.

Nevermind. Let me finish reading TLA's article first, then I'll worry about the stupid amendments.

Bloody go.vernment, indeed.


I had driving today and I did parallel parking and now I'm convinced that I'm going to fail my driving test. Not only did I knock over the bloody pole twice, I totally cannot park and I hate reversing because it hurts my back SO MUCH to turn backwards and attempt to look at where I'm going. And I can't gauge distances properly so I always think that I have no more space anymore when in fact I still have quite a bit of space.

Stage Three circuit stuff sucks. I haven't got past the second gear in so long. Bloody hell, I wanna drive for real, like on the roads and shit. Maybe I can drive for real during my auto car lesson. Hopefully I won't be stuck in the circuit, though I don't know how that's going to work.

I so totally need my licence. I see it as my first step towards freedom and independence. Because, you know, with a licence and access to the car, I can drive myself to places without asking my mom to do so. Isn't that great? I think it is.


My dad said that the book I gave him, Candide in Chinese, has a very bad translation.

Dammit. If only I'd read through it, but even if I had I doubt I would've known the difference.

I'm an idiot.

Need to struggle with Publ Law some more.

Tags: assignments, driving, law school

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