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random entry.

It's 11.48 p.m., just a little over 24 hours to the assignment deadline (or something. My maths no good lah), and I haven't started writing my essay.</p>

But I'm not worried. This isn't a fucking LAWR memorial, it isn't a Property assignment, it isn't a Contract essay on offer and acceptance. It's Public Law which by default means there's no need to freak out.

Of course, this more or less means I'll be getting a C, but it's better than not submitting anything, right? Right.

My brains, however, are hurting as we speak and the only thing I want to do is to sleep but I'm not sleeping tonight until I've got at least half my essay out so I guess I'll be sleeping at 5. Sigh.

I watched three episodes of Gilmore Girls today. Yes, I know, I'm amazing. In my defence, I watched them while having lunch and dinner and um, I needed, like, a break, so...yeah.

Okay, so I'm just really lazy. So shoot me.


Completely random: I have to start standing up for myself.

The assignment is so getting to me.


I haven't written about Shuting's 21st but gah, I don't even have the time to transfer the photos to my laptop. I will get to it next week, after the assignment is over.


Edited to add at 12.37 a.m.:

I'm reading my tutorial notes and I realise that my tutor is actually really funny. Some samples of his sporadic, not-frequent-enough funny moments in class:

(When talking about the P@yP's internal checks that consist of examing their candidates' backgrounds very carefully) "That's why the...members are boring. They're not mentally nutty."

(By implication, the not-so-pristine record of Opposition candidates) "This man has a record of stealing a bicycle!"

(When talking about GRCs and minority candidates) "Gratuitously given - the Indian." (My tutor's Indian, by the way)

(This isn't as much proof of his humour as it is of Singapore's idiotic obsession with acronyms, but he did say this word-for-word) "Then you get a COE from the PEC." (COE - Certificate of Eligibility; PEC - Presidential Elections Committee or something along those lines. Too lazy to check, don't remember, don't care)

All right, that's about all I took down. He's not that bad actually, and with my spankin' new perspective on law school, I might just participate in his classes.

I might just participate in class, period. It's funny, you know? Sometimes I actually know the answers in Trusts tutorials but I don't say anything anyway for some weird reason or other. And class participation counts. I don't know why I thought it was wise and fun to shoot myself in the foot, screw up my grade, but there you go. Life and its many inexplicable mysteries.

Back to work.

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