anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

needing sugar

I have to do something to get my blood pressure up because I do not like feeling faint every other second of the day. Apparently, I have to exercise. That word simply sends a shiver of dread and repulsion down my already chilled spine. Today I ache all over because of yesterday's stupid fitness test. I can't sneeze, because once I do, my sides hurt. I can't stretch, because once I do, my stomach hurts. It's terrible.

My family and I had lunch at Pizza Hut. I think their spaghetti tastes disgusting. It can almost match my school's spaghetti for Gross Factor. But it's edible anyway. My dad thinks the pasta at Pizza Hut is better than the ones at Pasta Fresca. He does not have any sense of taste, whatsoever, in food, particularly Italian food. It is because of him that I can't see Gen today. Daddy doesn't like dining at Pasta Fresca. Why?

No fear, though. I made my mom bring me there this Saturday after the Chinese mock exam, which, by the way, I haven't studied for, so it's okay. Kind of. Sort of. Whatever. I don't know.

I woke up at 12 and had a bunch of dreams. I remember only two of them. I was making instant noodles when my handphone started to sing the theme song from "Pink Pather". I answered it, and it was Gen. He asked me what I was doing. I replied, "I'm making instant noodles." He said, "Really? Me too!"

For some reason or another the line went dead, and I wanted to call him back but I didn't. My instant noodles turned into a soggy mess because I left it in the water for too long. The end.

Number two: I was in some sort of a bedroom with a guy who was painting my portrait on my (bare?) back with his mouth, I think. He was a talented painter, and he knew how to scrub so that the paint stays on my skin. He painted and painted, and when he was done I couldn't see the finished work, because it was on my back. He assured me that his hands worked properly as I wondered why he didn't use them to paint, and used his mouth instead. Then we both turned to face the mirror, and the difference in our skin colour was as striking as sunshine: his was dark while mine was light.

I suppose he was someone of romantic value to me, as we were getting intimate. Then I took off my shirt. He was surprised and told me to put it back on, but I didn't as I (probably) didn't want to, and he couldn't resist so he touched me, and that was when I woke up.

The stupid phone woke me. I did not answer the stupid phone as I was too tired. It stopped ringing, but a few minutes later, the stupid thing started again. I did not bother to find out who it was. I took the phone off the hook.

Later on, I discovered that it was my grandma.


Tags: dreams, family, first boyfriend, food

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