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School was kind of boring today. Orientation is over (waaaaah) and classes have started. I attended lectures for Geography, Economics and Maths AO (which is like secondary school's A Maths, which is really useless but my mom forced me to take it so I did). Oh, and for General Paper too, which is English without the narrative and descriptive essays. All were boring except for Geography 'cause the lecturer, although sometimes I think she tries too hard, made me laugh. It just sucks though that she's chosen to teach fucking tourism and not environmental problems for the optional part. I hate tourism. It's so dry and boring.

I was pretty surprised to learn that there wouldn't be any standard textbooks to buy, unlike the way it was in secondary school. It spells bad news for me as it means I'll have to be really organised and I'll have to file my notes neatly and I'll have to listen during lectures. Argh. The lecture theatres all come with air-conditioning and I wanted to sleep in all of the lectures I attended today.

First day eating in the canteen and the food wasn't too bad. The char kway teow is so much better than my old school's. And I talked to this boy while waiting to buy my P.E. attire and the school collar pin from the bookshop (everyone has to). I thought I was talking to the one in my group, the one I've been wanting to ask for his name, but it turned out they're twins and I was talking to the twin brother, the one who isn't in my orientation group. They look like Raul Gonzalez from the side. I don't remember if I mentioned this but anyway, it's the hair. Definitely the hair. The one I talked to was pretty sweet. Kinda shy. Haha. I asked for his name but I've forgotten what it is. Damn my short-term memory!

Anyway, I have fucking P.E. first day tomorrow morning. The P.E. shirt seriously sucks. It has a bloody collar. What kind of P.E. shirt has a bleeding collar?! I did see my handsome group leader (really gotta give him a nickname here) in the morning during assembly, 'cause everyone gathered in their orientation groups as the classes haven't come out yet. He was holding the group flag and was hidden pretty much half the time. He has the coolest bag.

Nevermind, it's not important. Really. I'm SO looking forward to orientation camp and I'm the type that hate staying overnight in strange places without proper showering facilities. In other words, I hate camps. But I wanna do the orientation camp right now! Anything to miss classes, you know? I mean I almost fell asleep during Economics. The guy was um, pretty boring. He asked why everyone signed up for the subject and I raised my hand and said, "For fun?" It was supposed to be a joke but he took it seriously and asked, "Why fun?" I was like, "..." And I replied, "Um, because there's nothing else to take."

I think it's good to start in a new school. I never did bother to answer questions in class back in the old school. Felt pretty bold today. Or something. I don't know.

I'm still aching all over. My arms hurt, my ass hurts, my legs hurt and I have P.E. tomorrow. It really sucks.

I got on the right bus but got off the wrong bus-stop. Wanted to go the MRT station to extend the validity of my EZ-link card. I asked the woman next to me if the bus goes to the interchange, and I thought she said it does, so I didn't alight at the stop I should've alighted at. In the end I walked a long, long way to get to the MRT station.

Okay. It wasn't very long. But I'm lazy so whatever all right?

Bought Slam Dunk vol. 8 in English, still at the fight in the gym. I gotta wait for vol. 9 to see Mitsui with short hair. Argh!!!!!!!!! I still love that part when he appears in the show with short hair for the first time. I mean, when I first saw it, it was like, "Wah lau ey! This fucking handsome guy is not that long-haired idiot right? Cannot be lah! Don't bluff me can!"

(Translation: That isn't that long-haired idiot, is he?)

He had plasters all over his face, his sleeves were rolled up, revealing awesome muscles and I just died and went to heaven. Takehiko Inoue is incredible. I don't know how he managed to draw such a handsome character.

Went to watch Gangs Of New York yesterday and got carded at the box office. Bleah. It either means the guy was nice enough to card me there and not at the door, or it means that I don't look 16. Bleah. Anyway, the film was great. Very beautifully-filmed and Leonardo DiCaprio was, as usual, a joy to watch. I loved the opening fight scene. I've never really seen anything quite like it, with the dizzying camera work and the close-ups on young Amsterdam's face. Amazing movie. Kinda slow at some bits but overall, it was great. I also liked the scene between Leonardo D. and Cameron Diaz, when Jenny was at some rich house stealing after lifting Amsterdam's medal and Amsterdam followed her to take it back, and he had her nailed to the wall and wow, the intensity in that scene was terribly sexy. Was so jealous of Diaz there, and her love scene with Leo D.

Can't wait to watch Catch Me If You Can and Hero. Woo-hoo.

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