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I hate P.E. Especially P.E. in freaking JJC. Fuck, warm-up is three rounds around the damn running track. Warm-up! And the teacher I got was so annoying. I didn't catch her name but I don't give a damn either. They're so strict with freaking P.E. and I can't skip, 'cause it's six rounds if you skip once, double if you skip tiwce, and so on and so forth. It's total hell. I heard that some wise-ass cut and got into trouble. They take attendance so you can't get away with it. You know why those idiots take P.E. so seriously? Because JJC ranks numero uno for the national fitness test and they want to maintain that. They want to maintain that 'cause they don't get numero uno for anything else, not academic work or whatever. If I really can't handle the P.E., I'm going to change a school after the O Level results are released. I could've died today, you know. I made myself run the three rounds without stopping and surprise surprise, I was one of the last, though not the very last. And these two annoying girls in front of me kept stopping and flipping their hair, so I kept getting a whiff of their hair whenever they run past me. I can't stand it when the people around me start to walk while running. I get distracted and I can't get distracted when I run long distance. It's difficult to get into a good pace, and when I do, I'd like to maintain it, which means I really hate it when people start to talk to me or run past me, or even better, stop running right beside me. I mean, I'm having this awesome pace and for once I forget that I'm panting and wheezing and on the verge of death, and there they are, walking and everything, tempting me to stop running. I can't stop, because if I do, it's really difficult to get started.

So I usually run the rounds I have to without stopping, unless it's really tough, like six rounds or something. Even then, I'd run five rounds continuously and collapse on the sixth and start to walk.

Yeah, I'm a fighter. Rah rah rah.

So today I had Economics, Physical Geography, Chinese, and English Literature. Economics, as usual, was freaking boring. Everyone around me was falling asleep, including one-half of the Raul Gonzalez lookalikes (the twins). He's such a goofy guy. Whenever I look at him I want to laugh. He was blatantly sleeping during the Econs lecture and it was held in the lecture theatre, and the seats slope upwards so the person standing in front can see everybody. I wanted to sleep too but I felt sorry for the teacher, whom I think nobody finds interesting, so I forced myself to stare at the OHP screen in front and not to fall asleep. I bought the notes I was supposed to and all he did was basically repeat everything that was in the notes. I didn't pay attention today so I think I'll go read the notes over later on. But yuck, economics is so dry and boring. I should've chosen History, Geography and Lit instead.

Geography. The teacher divided everyone into four teams according to their birth months. I was in the summer group (May, June, July), and so were my two friends. One of them doesn't take Geography but she sits in during lectures for fun. Weird. Anyway, the goofy twin was in the same group. The teacher asked everyone to do a mind-map of words associated with Geography. We got to work and I didn't know what the hell everyone was on about when we were doing the Physical Geography aspect. I did it in Secondary Two but I goofed off the most that year out of all four years, so nothing really stayed with me except earthquakes and faultlines. And I'm dismayed to say that I forget what the opposite of 'cash crop' is. Bloody shit. And I still can't remember it now. I've thrown away all, and I mean all, of my secondary school stuff, except my essays and shit like that.

Physical Geography sounds good 'cause the teacher mentioned field trips. Hoozah. She also said that she wants to take everyone to places out of SE Asia, namely Australia and/or the UK, if funding permits. Sounds great. Anyway, after the thing ended the goofy twin leaned across my two new friends and said to me, "Hey you. You thought my brother was me is it?"

Stupid question man! Like I'm supposed to freaking know he has a twin brother! I saw them standing together this morning before assembly and I did a double-take. Literally. They're so identical, it's scary. Or um, it's not, considering they're twins and everything. My friends were pleasantly surprised too to learn that the goofy twin, who is in all of my classes except Chinese though I think he cut, has a um, twin brother. Yeah. I found out after school that they were born on the 12th of July, 2 days before me. Interesting, isn't it?

Chinese was fun though I was like, 'Shit, it's Chinese now.' The teacher showed us some of the earlier versions of certain words, like 'cow' and 'horse'. Interesting stuff. Don't know what the hell we're going to do during Chinese though. Hopefully I wouldn't have to write essays. I can't stand writing in Chinese.

The best thing about today was English Literature. We're doing Utopian Writing for one of the components, and even though the teacher looked like a real bitch when she came in, she was really engaging and kind of nice. I've borrowed "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood from the school library and I'm going to start reading it as soon as I'm done here. It's kind of like homework. Reading books for homework is truly heaven.

So in the morning I saw my handsome group leader. :) He was wearing glasses and he looked so cute. I have his email address 'cause they gave out a contact list with everyone's contact info on it. I'm first on the list, by the way, isn't that great?

I was hoping to get his email address 'cause there's no way in hell I can casually say 'hey' to him in school. It's so embarrassing and mortifying and weird. I mean he's a Year Two, he's bleeding handsome and I'm sure he's a nice guy (then again, I know he's a nice guy) and everything but I just don't know what to say. Now that I have his email address, I don't know what to do with it. I can be such an idiot, you know.

My poor skin is peeling. My forehead looks like my friend's arm, when she was badly sunburned while doing some sporting activity. It's disgusting. It looks like a whole patch of my skin was burnt off, which it was but still.

You know what's the best thing about school? Assembly in the morning. Teeheehee.

Well, for the rest of the week, anyway.

Sometimes I do think I'm going crazy. Or maybe it's just the side-effect of being in a bloody girls' school for TEN FUCKING YEARS.

Then again, it's just one guy. I've seen many good-looking dudes walking around school and I could care less, really. It's just this one guy. I don't know what it is about him. He's just so kawaii and all.

Anyway, I need to pee. Yeah. I do.

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