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Rained in the morning so there was no assembly. Which basically means I didn't my handsome group leader today. At all. Blah. But it turns out that one of the Slam Dunk writers on went to the same secondary school he did. She had the impression that he was quite the womaniser.

I'm trying to think up the most appropriate way to express my feeling of wanting to start cackling like an evil witch in a B-grade Hollywood film but nothing quite comes to mind. Just know that I find it funny, okay?

Well, anyway, my friends and I cut some entrepreneur talk and ate roti prata in the canteen. The food at JJC is pretty good. Puts the one at my old school to shame. Totally. Had a fantastic Literature lecture today. The guy who did it was the guy who talked to the Year Ones about the Lit syllabus on the very first day of school. Man, he went off on many different related tangents and it was obvious that he loves the subject. It's nearly impossible to sleep during his class, although I was nodding off just moments before Lit started. Some guy did though, and the lecturer was booming, "DO NOT SLEEP ON LITERATURE!"

It was quite funny.

Missed Geography entirely because the teacher didn't turn up. So, yeah. Spent forty-five minutes sitting around, talking. Spent another forty-five minutes in the canteen, talking and drinking banana milkshakes, waiting for 12.45 p.m. so that we could leave (we = my friend who takes Geography and I). There is this stupid rule that no matter what time one's classes finish, one can only leave after 12.45 p.m. Yesterday my friend and I left ten minutes earlier. Today we wanted to, but there were these three people at the concourse (or whatever the place is called) talking really loudly.

Okay. They were arguing. It was a mother, her daughter and her daughter's friend. Didn't know what the issue was about but I caught a snippet of the argument, and the mom yelled in Chinese, "I am going to raise my voice!"

Intrigued at a fight, I asked my friend to hang around for a bit to listen to it. Haha. In the end I still couldn't really catch what it was about, but it was a good thing we stayed, for the vice-principal was out there, trying to make peace, and if we did leave early, we would've been caught red-handed.

I find that I hardly miss the old school. I definitely do not miss the classes. The building? Not really. I'm not crazy about climbing up and down millions of flights of staircases every day, and I especially hate going down to the track every morning for assembly. At least in college the assembly spot is at the parade square and there are no staircases to walk up or down to get there.

The uniform? I'm still wearing it, and I'd be glad to be rid of it. Classmates? Maybe a little, but it doesn't affect me one way or another.

I've long since cut myself emotionally loose from people that I've known for most of my secondary school life, and now that I really am separated from them, I don't feel anything. At all.

Besides, I'm adjusting pretty well in the new school. I got people to talk to, I got my eyes set on a Year Two guy (normalcy for me, if you don't know by now but you should, you really should, you idiot), I'm talking to people, I'm taking only three A Level subjects and Literature classes rock. Of course, the thought of studying makes me wanna tear my hair out but it can be put on hold for a couple of months more.

In a nutshell, life is pretty good.

And guess what? I get to miss P.E. tomorrow! Yahoo! There's gonna be a compulsory briefing for Year Ones on the orientation camp, held during second period, and tomorrow's second period is P.E. Bwahahahaha. Hopefully, for my sake, the briefing would drag and I'd miss half the lesson or something so that I'd still be alive for orientation camp. I can't wait to go. And I hate camps.

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