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happy times

Was at this mall near the school from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. today. The initial plan was just to have lunch, but we ended up having lunch and talking, mostly gossiping about guys and other schoolmates. I was with 5 people, all from different secondary schools, and it was fun. Most of them think my handsome group leader is cute. Of course he is. Saw him today in the morning. :) He was wearing glasses again. Soooo cute. He's in lion dance and I almost died laughing. He just doesn't look the type. He looks like the track and field type, really sporty and everything.</p>

And guess what? He's shorter than me.

Ugh. What the hell is it with me and short guys?! I just never learn.

This Saturday the first four orientation groups are gonna have an outing in the evening. I want to go, but I can't. I have a date with Jay Chou at 8 o'clock and I paid a handsome price for it: S$149. Bloody hell, talk about unlucky! He is going to be there and so are the people I talk with! And the Japanese guy's gonna be there too and he's a great person to joke around with. I mean this morning I was whining about how unfortunate the timing is, how I gotta attend the Jay Chou gig, and he was like, "You either go and see Jay Chou or come and see me." Then I said, "Um, I already paid a hundred and forty-nine dollars for the concert." He replied, "Then just imagine that you're paying a hundred and forty-nine dollars to see me lah."

Crazy spastic person! He makes me laugh.

Anyway, I missed P.E. entirely today 'cause the camp briefing took up the entire period. The bad news is, the guys and the girls are going to be separated at night.

Okay. It's supposed to be so. But don't mind me. I'm going crazy these few days.

I have economics homework. Hahahahahahaha. Had a different lecturer today, a woman, and she's shitting boring as well. I think it's the subject. It's so stupid. Who really cares about how human beings behave as a whole? I mean, I'm a lot more interested in individual behaviour. Generalising is so blah. Too bad JC doesn't have psychology or anything like that.

Wait. I'm seeing Jay Chou this Saturday! I am! And my seat is fantastic! Bwahahahahahaha!

But not seeing my handsome group leader is almost enough to make me wish the gig was on another day. Almost, but not quite either.

Okay, whatever, my stomach hurts and Slam Dunk is starting. It's time for Mitsui Hisashi. Yes Mitchy, I'm coming for you, just hold on for a few more minutes okay?

Mitsui: Sure, Yelen, anything for you. *flashes disarming grin*

Me: *swoons* Oh Mitchy! My love! My knight in shining armour! You're soooo sweet!

Tags: friends, haojun, jay chou, junior college, slam dunk

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