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just an ordinary boy but he was looking to the sky

Got the classes today. There are only four Arts classes and my class is the biggest one. One of my new friends is in the same class as I, plus a few people whose names I know and whom I say 'hi' to. So it's not all that bad.

Now the shitty news is, the orientation camp will be according to classes and not orientation groups. WHICH MEANS, my handsome OGL may not be there. Which means, it's time for me to tear my hair out. Sometimes, life really does suck.

But all is not lost, for I miraculously saw him in the school compound today, other than during assembly. I was coming out of GP lecture with my mates and I was in a dire need for a piss, so I was walking pretty quickly and they were lagging behind. Then suddenly, one of them called out, "Yelen, look who's there!" So I went to look, and sure enough, it was him! With his mates, looking cute and everything, waiting to go into the lecture theatre I just came out of.

That is something called Bliss. Yes. It is. And it was also great in the morning when I was standing pretty close to him. Yeah. The downside is, he's pretty cold. Doesn't talk to strangers (i.e. me) unless he has to. Don't know what the fuck his problem is, sometimes. I mean what the hell is he doing as an OGL? He's by far the most unfriendly one. Not that he's so but compared to the others, he's quite.

Did that make sense? He doesn't talk to people as individuals, and... yeah, that's it. He's my OGL, and he's never spoken to me first before, while the Japanese guy, who isn't my OGL, has talked to me quite a few times.

Actually, who gives a fuck? This ain't serious, by the way. I'm not interested in dating anyone, be it him or even Joaquin Phoenix (yes, it's true, gasp shock jaw-drop). He's just awesome eye-candy. Something to make me smile. Too bad I won't get to see him in the moring anymore.

Anyway, tomorrow's the Jay Chou gig, and before that I'm going for the gathering thing in the afternoon. So I'll be pretty tired when I get back.

Went to the mall again today with mates. Walked around. Saw an awesome pair of shorts at Ocean Pacific (yech) but it was 42 dollars. A little expensive, ne?

Surfing stores like OP and whatnot are totally alien. Hardly ever go into such stores. I don't get the popularity.

But that pair of shorts is great. Too bad about the price.

I cut Econs lecture and attended AO Maths. So fucking boring. Doing set language, a thing I absolutely despise. I'm going to drop the damn thing. I don't care what my mother says. I imagine my life with Mathematics in it, and the damn sky turns grey. And it's six extra periods. It's pretty crazy. Econs is already making me sleep, not to mention freaking General Paper which is retarded. Taking Maths would kill me.

Still thinking of joining basketball but I'm damn afraid of the training. I don't know. We'll see.

Tags: haojun, junior college

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