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jay chou rocks

Needless to say, the Jay gig yesterday was amazing. The indoor stadium was completely packed, and the fans screamed from the first song til the last, and a few were even calling for an encore when the lights came on. Surprisingly, Jay didn't sing out of tune. He had numerous costume changes, but the one I liked best was the second one, when he came out wearing an over-sized T-shirt and baggy pants, rapper-style. He looked natural in it.

He also played a bit of basketball, but only one out of three of his shots went in. Haha. That was quite funny. He dribbles really well though, very smoothly, like a pro. He had a friend onstage during the b-ball act and my god, that friend was bloody awesome. He jumped and touched the hoop once but he didn't do a dunk, much to my dismay. They had this huge cage with a hoop in it which they lowered during that part of the performance. Jay threw his basketball to the audience in the middle of Track 4 of his debut, but I was way too far to catch it. Argh. Whoever managed to catch it is one lucky asshole.

My favourite bit of the show was when he came on for the first encore (but it was a planned one, of course) and sang 'Star Love'. It's the first song of his I've ever liked so I was ecstatic. People around me were jumping and swaying and waving and everything so I joined them. I tell you, my reputation is ruined forever, but then, it's all in the name of fun. I mean, I was seated for half of the show, because the idiots behind me asked me to sit down 'cause they couldn't see. What the fuck shit is that? Who the hell goes to a concert to sit down? No-freaking-body. Only Singaporeans.

Was rather sad when the thing ended. He's a great performer and a really talented musician. They played a clip of him playing the piano and monkeying around in 1988, and he was this ickle thing, and it was so cute. He played the piano onstage for a few songs and did a couple of covers, one Chinese song which I recognised, and a Cantonese song which I didn't understand at all.

There were a couple of lightsticks flying around the stadium which made me laugh til I almost died. I think somebody either threw it on purpose, or he/she/they were waving it so hard that it flew out of his/her/their hand/s. Hahahaha! The second scenario is the funny one, of course.

I think Jay's good-looking in his own way. He has charisma and he's special. He isn't conventionally good-looking, and one wouldn't think so on the first glance, but there's just something about him that's unique and different and maybe even attractive. It's the way he sings, it's the way he carries himself, it's the way he's unassuming and cute. Everything that he did onstage yesterday was all him. It was a large part of who he is, and it was great.

Not to mention he has a hot as hell bod. Oh, yeah. When he sang his battle song (Zui Ho De Zhan Yi) he came onstage wearing this tight-fitting camoflauge tank top and a pair of army pants, and god, it was sexy, so bloody sexy. Too bad I wasn't close enough to see his face close-up. Had to look at the screen, which made me feel like I was watching TV at home. Also too bad that he didn't do the ninja song. That one is a great song man, totally jump-able and funky.

I want to go to tonight's one. There're still a few tickets left, like maybe 5% or so. Yesterday's gig was completely sold out, done so in a mere five days when the tickets were on sale. Pretty much what I expected.

Yeah, so I had fun. I should do it more often, nevermind that I nearly went deaf because the music was so damn loud, mainly the guitars and the drum. And I think I saw this Year One guy from my school sitting at the row behind mine. The Fukuda (Slam Dunk character) lookalike. He had the same hair and he wore his shirt in the same way. I don't know his name though and he left too soon for me to ask if he's from JJC.

Anyway, I went for the gathering thing at West Coast even though it was raining, but the turn-out wasn't that great. My cute OGL wasn't there, but I expected that much. The Japanese guy wasn't there, but I think he turned up after I left. Luckily my friends were, or I would've been really lonely. There wasn't much to do because it was raining, so I played volleyball with a bunch of people and it was mortifying 'cause I really suck at that shit, and I kept dodging the ball when it flew in my direction. They were even making fun of me, dammit!

Played to rounds of bridge. Lost one and won one. The one that I lost was a no-trump game. It sucked. Totally sucked. But that's because I lost.

So that was yesterday.

Today went shopping. Bought a bunch of shit: a new bag, the round sports-type; the OP shorts I saw a few days back that costs S$43; underwear. Ate Japanese ramen for lunch. I had seafood and I hate seafood but there was nothing else, the rest were chicken, beef and roasted pork. The noodles was nice though.

I'm fucking sick of typing so this is it.

Jay Chou rocks.

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