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My brother's home. :)

For the next couple of weeks, at least. But it's still something.





The first one was expected. The second one wasn't. I can't believe Gilles lost both his rubbers. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT.

Gilles can't believe it too:


Well, I guess the bright side to the Swiss loss is that 1) Roger wasn't there; and 2) at least my second-favourite got through to the next round. So...YAY ANDY!

I have a couple of hilarious pictures of Andy but they're really big and I'm lazy to resize them so maybe next time, if I'm ever bothered to again.

Speaking of tennis, shit, I can't decide whether or not to play tennis on Friday. I haven't freaking started on my paper. But I'd freaking die if I don't play tennis at least once a week. But then again, I'd die even worse, possibly, if I get any darker than I already am.

Rui and I concluded today that we should trade skins. I love her skin tone and she likes my ugly tan. I WANT TO GET RID OF MY TAN! It's even worse on my calfs and my thighs 'cause the pigmentation is really uneven for some odd reason. I'm tempted to see a specialist about this because I'm vain like that but I don't have the time right now, so I don't know, I guess I'll see if it gets better. I really hate being tanned. HATE. I even have a fugly tanline from my wristband, what the hell.

Lastly, I went to school today even though I have no classes on Mondays anymore for a group meeting for a presentation that's not even graded. ARGH WTF. Seriously.

I need to do my paper. But I'm lazy. What else is new?

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