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American Idol: Top 13 Performs

I suppose this is what they call inevitable: I have been charmed into submission by Adam Lambert. He's fucking hot. He's also pretty fucking amazing. Black or White is one of the cheesiest Michael Jackson songs ever (and a bit rich coming from...well, Michael Jackson, considering the whole change of skin colour business) and I was expecting a total cheesefest, but oh my god. It was out-of-this-world amazing and by far the best performance of the whole show.</p>

Still, I don't think there's anything current or commercial about him. The reason I didn't like him at first was because he smacks of Musical Theatre to me. He's very theatrical and it shows in the way he sings - really over-the-top and majestic and in-your-face. And the fact that the over-the-top works for him says a lot about the kind of performer/singer he is, i.e. he's the kind that belongs on stage, in a musical. Because if I were to listen to his songs/voice/singing on the radio without watching him, I'd turn off the radio/CD player/whatever immediately.

So no, I haven't switched favourites even though I like Adam now and I don't mind if he wins this season. It'd be great to have an openly gay American Idol winner, methinks. Though - it TOTALLY sucks that he's gay 'cause it just goes to prove what a lot of us have been saying about how the hot guys are gay and the straight guys are not hot, etc.

Speaking of hotness, I love Anoop, but I have to laugh my ass off at any suggestions that he's hot. He's definitely grown a lot more attractive since his audition - the haircut is great, they tamed those eyebrows, and his outfit makes him look really polished and smart and date-able. But he's not hot. Not the way Adam is, certainly not the way David Cook was post-makeover. He's cute and good-looking, yes, but I wouldn't call him hot.

And speaking of Anoop - oh my god, what the fuck. I was excited when Ryan announced his song choice; it was finally a song I knew and liked. I was into it for the first verse, but after the chorus, I got a bit bored. It was utterly underwhelming. I still think his best performance was Angel of Mine, and I don't freaking understand why he seems to have it in his head that he should be singing songs like My Prerogative and Beat It. He shouldn't. His voice is R&B smooth and silky and he should be using that to his advantage by singing songs that would allow him to bring out the smoothness and SLAY everyone with it. Instead he's jumping around singing Beat It and trying to convince everyone he's got the attitude, but he doesn't. Not enough. It's not convincing and I got a bit of a try-too-hard vibe from last week that I didn't get from Angel of Mine, and tonight, I definitely thought he was trying too hard.

It's such a shame. He did great stuff with his college a capella group. He sang the Mary J. Blige song Be Without You really well; I listened to it over and over again. His voice can melt rocks and cement, but he chooses to hop around on stage instead.

It's frustrating. While I do hope he sticks around, I don't know if I'm gonna be too thrilled with an Anoop that under-performs every week. He's like Jason Castro the way Adam Lambert is David Cook - and trust me, it's NOT a good thing to be compared to Castro at all.

Lastly, I still fucking hate Danney Gokey and he instills in me this irrational urge to slap the fucking pretentious glasses off his stupid fucking face. I hate, HATE him.

I hope Jasmine and either Megan or Jorge go home tomorrow.

Oh, and I loved Kris Allen. Just loved. Earnest and sincere, and oh-so-cute to boot. Too bad he's married, but his wife is freaking lucky!

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