anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Today is not a good day.

1. Indian Wells - Roger advances, Nalby almost wins but loses

I am SO super upset that Nalby apparently had five damn match points against bloody RAFAEL NADAL but went on to lose. The worst part is, I was stuck in Human Rights class and couldn't watch the match so I had no idea what happened. It bugs me not to know what happened. I HAVE to know, but I won't watch a match that doesn't have the outcome that I want so I'll never know. I'm scanning the Indian Wells thread on and I keep seeing 'double fault' and 'advantage Nadal', and the last set is fucking 6-0 Nadal.

I am extremely upset, not simply because Nadal almost lost but managed to squeak out a win because his opponent choked. I am extremely upset because it is DAVID NALBANDIAN and I expect so, SO much more from him. I'd never in a million years expect him to choke the way Djokovic did against Roger in the 2007 US Open semi, when Djokovic had five set points in the first set but lost. He had seven set points the entire match but lost in straight sets. But he was also only 20, and he played the #1 player in the world who won that tournament three consecutive times leading to the semi. Nalbandian? He's fucking as old as Roger. He's done this since forever. And he has a winning record against Nadal; in fact, Nadal had never won a set against him until this match.

This is so unbelievable. I am so upset that Roger's victory that was almost a loss over Gonzo can't even make me happier. I mean, it does, but only barely. Do I even want to look up the match stats? I think I might just faint.

Oh Nalby. Why, why, why? WHY?

On a happier note, I woke up at 4 this morning to watch Roger after sleeping for an hour (once again, I couldn't fall asleep - this stupid insomnia has got to stop). He sailed through the first set, after which Gonzo removed the taping on his feet, after which he started playing aggressively and accurately in the second. Roger matched him and they were on serve all the way until 6-5 Gonzo. Roger double faulted at 0-15 to get us to 0-30. Then when he was at 15-40, I knew, just knew, that the second set was a goner.

Sure enough, it was. Three seconds after I thought the second set was a goner, Gonzo forced a backhand crosscourt error from Roger and then we were at Set Three. I half-thought about how pissed I'd be at Roger if he made me wake up at 4 in the morning just to watch him lose, but the minute he started getting aggressive on Gonzo's second service game, when he saw that he had a chance after Gonzo failed to convert his (I forgot how many) game points, he forced the game to deuce and started playing the most aggressive tennis he played the whole match. And it paid off - he broke, this time not by way of a double fault a la the first set (when Gonzo missed his first serve on Advantage Federer, I started hoping for a missed second - and sure enough, he double faulted! Bwahaha). Totally awesome, and he backed it up with a totally solid service game after that.

The double break I wanted didn't come from Gonzo's next service game, but the one after. Credit to him though, he kept putting the pressure on Roger to win it, going as far as to force a deuce when Roger was serving it out. Roger was up 40-0 and all of a sudden, it was deuce. Thankfully Roger didn't face a break point and he sealed the deal with this amazing lob winner that landed just on the line. I couldn't even cheer; I actually thought it was out. But when Roger started moving towards the net and started clapping with his racquet, I felt like I could finally breathe again.

It was, however, a rather lacklustre showing from him until the third set. It was a classic case of Roger's Second Setitis. He won the first 6-3, lost the second 5-7, and won the third 6-2. He could have done it in straight sets but he didn't because of the wind, he lost his focus, Gonzo untaped his feet and could move better. Or maybe he was just distracted by the sight of Mirka and Gwen Stefani in his box, playing with Gwen and Gavin Rossdale's baby.

(I never knew Roger and Mirka were friends with them! Oh man.)

Whatever it was, I'm so glad he won.

But fuck, I'm still incredibly upset about Nalby. It's just unbelievable. Nadal gets Del Potro in the next round which is like playing against me, i.e. Del Potro doesn't even stand a smidgen of a chance, not by any stretch of the imagination. Fuck this shit. I still love Nalby but I'm really upset with him now. The only thing that's keeping it in check a little is knowing how upset he must be with himself. Five match points and he lost. Seriously?!


2. People need to chill

No, really. People seriously need to chill. I thought for three seconds maybe I was doing something wrong, but I really don't care how others choose to interpret my actions when I know they are simply what they are - no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive. I don't see why I should give a shit about other people making something insidious out of something completely innocuous when I know my conscience is clear.

So here's a huge Fuck You, and I Don't Give A Shit What You Say. Because I don't, and I never will.

3. Bad fucking mood

I'm in a really horrible mood today. Going to school and being in class put me in an extremely foul mood, plus the fact that it was, once again, fucking cold and I felt really shitty physically, what with my nose running like crazy, and going to school is just a recipe for disaster, and I came home just to find out Nalby had five match points but lost.

Seriously. I don't even know what to say.

I am glad, however, that Roger FINALLY gets a night match which means I get to sleep and wake up at 10.30 in the morning to watch him. He plays Fernando Verdasco whom I cannot stand; he's Nadal Lite, the same fucking boring vamos topspin game and hitting the fur off the ball. Seriously boring. But it should be a good test for Roger and I hope he passes with flying colours.

Truth be told, I'm hopeful now as opposed to expectant. I don't get the feeling that he'd blow all his opponents off the court anymore. The Roger that I watch now isn't the same as the one that I watch on DVD, his past matches, his Grand Slam finals, his dominating heydays. I really hope he gets it all back but with the nagging back injury which means he doesn't have his first serve half the time, I'm not sure if he can. I hope he does but that's about as far as it goes.

There are two stupid bugs flying around me and I'm annoyed. ARGH.

I think this is just really belated PMS.


I was going to talk about PLC but on second thought, why depress myself further?

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