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v for vendetta.

First, replies to comments:

TR: Oh yeah, I think you're right. Haha, that totally didn't occur to me! That guy just needs better English lah.

Mag: NO I'VE NEVER LIKED JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!! Ew ew ew!! I liked Nick Carter though, as people who knew me in primary school will know. But that was an embarrassing period best forgotten! Anyway, thanks for the consolation. You're right, there's still time. I only hope there's enough time. Don't worry about the length cos I like loooong comments! Haha. At least we have a long holiday during which we can go shopping without laptops! How cool is that? Love you too!

Rui: Um. Thanks for the great choices. :( I'd prefer to turn to lesbianism, thank you very much. Anyway, it's not a gallery but some lameass site where I created a profile one day a loooong time ago because I was bored ( haha). A lot of weirdos there, yes. But they provide me with comic relief which is kind of good? Haha. My class participation for DN's class is shite too! It's like...I speak like TWO SENTENCES for every tutorial! It's hilarious man. But who cares about Contract. I just want a C- and that's it. And yes yes yes movie marathon sounds good! At your place I presume? Hehe.

Yuch: Haha Jay Chou isn't really my type of guy to be honest. The only reason I'd date him is because he's Jay Chou and who can pass up going out with a famous person whom you like, right? Not that the chance will ever arise, but just speaking hypotheticaly. Um, if I were you and some horny guy sent lewd messages to me online, I'd probably call the cops or something. HA! People who derive pleasure from harassing others...should be locked up. No, that's too harsh; they should undergo compulsory psych evaluation. Ack.

BitchB: To be honest, I think the only way for me to fall in love is if I cloned myself and made my clone a male. :P I don't have an answer to your question (what's your answer?) but I KNOW THAT I DO NOT WANT A GUY WHO IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF ME. That's good enough for now I guess. Heh.


I saw V for Vendetta today. This quote gave me goosebumps:

"Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea...and ideas are bulletproof."

(possible spoilers)

I think Natalie Portman looks hot without her hair. I can't believe she's a Harvard graduate. I also can't believe that Hugo Weaving didn't show his face at all throughout the entire movie. I mean, I know it's not quite possible but I half-expected them to do a flashback to his past and all that jazz. I also thought that the cop's name, Finch, was a reference to Atticus Finch from Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird but maybe 'Finch' is a more common name than I thought. I couldn't figure out what the hell was up with the opening scene from 1605 until I found out it was an actual historical event. I think the historical aspect of the film is intriguing and the film makes more sense if you know of it. Which I didn't.

It was a good movie and I fell in love with V - that is, until the bit where he confessed his love for Evey. I'm sorry but I bloody hate stupid forced romances in Hollywood films. Luckily the romance here was kept to the bare minimum and so I could still stomach it. I totally did not get that long speech V rattled off when he first met Evey and it was only until I the movie that I knew that 80% of the words used in that monologue started with 'v', and even so, I couldn't comprehend half of it. Loved the usage of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture when he blew up the buildings, loved the fireworks, totally loved the last scene when the people congregated and witnessed the Parliament house blowing up and took off their masks, loved how the troops didn't open fire at the crowd, absolutely loved the scene where V killed Creedy simply because of that awesome line I quoted above.

Will write more thoughts later. My head hurts too much for me to think now.

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