anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

(Indian Wells 2009) While I'm on a bit of a high...


Now I wish, way after the fact that, that I'd forced myself up at 6 to watch this! I must say this is completely unexpected, considering Djokovic is quite a talented player and the defending champion. So - YAY ANDY!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!

OMG, he's meeting Nadal in the semi! I really hope he wins so that he can meet Roger in the final and let ME have MY dream final! Of course, the chances of that happening are next to slim, but a girl can dream.

Also hoping fervently that Roger unlocks the Murray Problem and beats him in straight sets. Then again, in their past three meetings, Roger won the first and went on to lose, so maybe tomorrow he should lose the first set and win the next two, just to throw Murray off.

Sigh. I'm nervous just thinking about it. If only he'd drawn Djokovic in his half instead.

Tags: andy roddick, indian wells, tennis

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