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OMG x4.



Okay, I exaggerate. But still. I saw this cute guy in school a few months ago and when I he stood up and I saw that he was wearing slippers, he instantly ceased to be hot. There's no other footwear in the world I hate more than slippers/flip-flops. To me, they're just sloppy, and I don't find them comfortable at all, and so I can't understand why anyone would want to wear them to places that are not the beach, public showers, swimming pools and...I don't know, wherever Roger and Mirka were going after his Murray match. They weren't going shopping, that's for sure...unless Roger suddenly felt the need to shop with his racquet bag. Which doesn't make sense.

But anyway, yeah, oh my god, Roger in slippers, my world has just ended. Mirka's dress is quite pretty, though I don't like weird thingies at the top of the dress. Her kid is going to be one hell of a stylish baby!

One last comment: Roger's feet are damn white! Is that his natural skin colour? I can't picture him any other way but tanned and brown and hot!


I've lost count of the number of times I have dropped my Sony Ericsson S500i. It's an exponential increase from the number of times I dropped my previous SE T630, which was close to zero. Just tonight I dropped it while texting, which meant it was slid open, and the impact of the fall slid the phone close. I was FREAKED OUT, expecting it to stop working...BUT NO. It still works like normal. It still slides open and close pretty smoothly ("pretty" because I left it open on my bed and my brother or me or someone probably sat on it and it's a bit bent now and doesn't slide close smoothly anymore. Bummer). I have to wonder, quite seriously, what it's gonna take for my phone to die. If multiple falls and falling on its most vulnerable part (the head of the phone when it's open - I can easily see it breaking or something!) aren't enough to kill it, or at least make some dent on its functionality, then it must mean that my phone is a SUPER PHONE - which, yes, it totally is.

Having said that, the keypad is pretty fucked up. The space button has stopped working since like last year and most of the buttons except 0 and * have cracked. But I'll take a cracked but still functioning keypad within an OMG Sturdy! phone any time, any day. This is why I insist on using Sony Ericsson phones - they last, like, forever. Awesome stuff.


The latest episode was RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. I lost count of the number of times my jaw dropped open from the shock and awe that Joss Whedon unleashed on his audience. It was AMAZING. Absolutely jam-packed with twists and turns and new intrigues and answers to old questions, and it finally addressed the issues that its premise throws up head-on. Questions about human trafficking, implicit rape, how everyone has a fantasy that they want played out...

If you had the chance to engineer the perfect person, would you? Sounds attractive, right? Perfect body, perfect face, perfect personality. You wouldn't ever complain about his flaws, or break up because of his flaws; he'd be exactly what you want, and you wouldn't risk facing the rest of your life alone because you fail to find that perfect someone. (In the show, the dolls are engaged on a one-time basis, but taking the premise to its logical conclusion...)

Even for someone like me that cherishes authenticity and integrity, this idea sounds extremely attractive. Until, that is, I catch myself and remind myself of how utterly fake and artificial it is. He'd be exactly like a real person...except you'd know that he's not. He's manufactured and, for all intents and purposes, a figment of your imagination.

Then again, it goes to show how sad some people's lives are when they can think for even a split second that they might want to have the opportunity to manufacture the perfect partner. "Some people" being, that is, me. Boo hiss!

Speaking of perfection, I swear, I have never loved Paul Ballard any more than I have in this epside. He was shirtless for a couple of scenes and I nearly died. His fight scene with Echo (Eliza Dushku) was the hottest thing I've ever seen on TV. He is so hot when he's snapping necks and pointing guns at people and knocking the wind out of them. He is just so damn hot, period.

I want to marry him, omg.


I went to KR to play tennis with the practice wall this afternoon, partly to, well, practice, and partly to release some of the frustration and annoyance I've been feeling over the past few days, especially yesterday.

Exercise really helps to clear the head, at least a little. Some things that bothered you before don't bother you as much anymore. Though, sadly, I'm still bothered by Roger's loss and...argh. Forget it. Looking forward to the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami this week nonetheless.

Anyway, omg, I'm soooo tired. I hit for about an hour and a half, an hour and forty-five minutes. OMG.

I shanked quite a lot of backhands today and completely missed one or two which was quite upsetting. For some reason I found it hard to consistently hit a backhand properly playing at the left corner of the space, next to the fence (there was a couple of other dudes and a small kid there too so I couldn't the whole space). Maybe I was half-conscious of...I don't even know what. But anyway, I hit a few good ones, many terrible ones, but not a lot of backhands overall. It's a good shot; I can get a low ball to go back up and over the net with relative ease.

The forehand, though, is...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think it's definitely improved, but that's not really saying much if its previous state was non-existent. Maybe it's now at 1% proficiency; that's about it. On the bright side, it's starting to feel a lot more comfortable and natural. I still unintentionally open up the racquet sometimes, which I saw with my very own eyes today when I decided to take a page off Roger's book and do what he does, keeping my eye on the ball and my racquet as they make contact; usually I'd whack it and immediately track where the ball is going. I ran into another problem though when doing the Roger thing, and that is, I look a second too long at my racquet and when I turn back to the ball, it's already flying back to me.

I think the looking at the ball/racquet contact thing is really useful in trying to hit the ball right. The normal person doesn't do it. In fact, people constantly marvel over the fact that Roger does it. I'm not sure what it does for him, but for me, it helps me see what I'm doing with my racquet when I'm hitting the ball, like spotting the opened racquet mistake (my ex-coach also told me to do this when he was trying in vain to get me to hit a proper forehand, way back last year). The subsequent times when I remembered to keep my eyes on the racquet and the ball my racquet looked pretty closed, so that wasn't too shabby.

Also, today was a marked improvement from the last time I used a wall as a hitting partner. Maybe it's because I changed my racquet, but whatever it is, I could actually hit more than five shots because the ball ended up rolling back to me, like omg!

On a sadder note, my ball flew over the wall and into the court behind a grand total of three times. There were people playing there and so it was really embarrassing!

Okay I'm done with this entry. I'm so tired!

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