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American Idol: Top 10 Performs

Two words:


Anoop is still my favourite, but Adam was utterly, unbelievably amazing. The last time I was actually moved by a performance on American Idol was David Cook. Adam didn't move me to that extent, but wow, that performance was absolutely tender and touching and brilliant. Absolutely the best of the episode by far. Danny and Allison haven't sung yet but 1) I hate Danny - HATE - so I'd hate whatever he does by default; and 2) Allison is a good singer but nowhere near the effortless singer with the out-of-this-world range that Adam is.

Having said that, whoever styled his hair and turned it into plastic should be fired stat. It was fugly. FUG-LY. I liked the suit, but the hair was just tragic.

I still miss David though. Adam has the same element of surprise but I wouldn't buy his records because I just don't like his voice. I liked what he did this week - and I liked it a lot - but not his voice. It has the potential to be too sharp and too shrill which wasn't present this week, but definitely was last week.

Anyway, I just watched Danny. I fucking almost died. I want that asshole off my TV ASAP. It was just awful and I couldn't wait for him to stop screaming at me. I HATE HIM.

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