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Yesterday evening, while I was rushing through dinner at 7.30 (I was due to play tennis at 8), I received an SMS from Wei Chuen asking me what happened to my blog. I didn't do anything to it and the last I checked it it was fine, so I went to click on it, only to discover some site telling me to register the domain name.

I FREAKED. I thought I'd lost ALL my entries. I hurriedly googled my own blog and saved some of the cached pages and was utterly dismayed when I realised some of my entries didn't have cached versions.

I really thought that was it yesterday. I REALLY THOUGHT IT WAS THE END. So imagine my elation when I typed in "" in my browser this morning and found that it's back again.

But lesson learned: Time to start saving my entries. I've saved about quarter of them already; time to save the rest.

1. Stupid Evony

They merged my server with another one, and today I logged in after two days of not logging in just to discover my strongest city has been taken.

Well, that's it. I'm officially done with the game. Can't be bothered anymore. If Wei Chuen's ever bothered to play again (he got banned for using a bot hahahahaha!) I'd play with him and be one of those annoying couples playing on the same server, but that's about it.


2. Never speed-eat thirty minutes before tennis

Because my stomach started feeling odd halfway through. And then it became bloated. Bloody unpleasant. Thankfully I wasn't wearing anything too tight-fitting, so I didn't look THAT fat.

3. I hate the post-rain humidity

I sweat like a fucking cow last night and I was totally drowning in my own sweat. It was SO bad. I don't even sweat as much as I did last night when I'm playing at 12 noon. The stupid post-rain humidity was so utterly disgusting and horrifying, and it even got to a point where I actually started to smell slightly bad. AND I NEVER, EVER, EVER STINK WHEN I'M SWEATY.

4. Tennis was atrocious

I really need to sort out my backhand.

I really need to sort out my slice. Or rather, cajole it into existence.

I really need to stop hitting the ball with the damn frame of my racquet.

Ugh. I suck.

5. Work today

Was tiring as hell. Had my first brush with insolvency and I safely conclude that I'd be eternally happy if I didn't have to deal with it ever again. All I can say is - what the flying fuck? Seriously, what the flying fuck? Don't freaking understand how people can find it stimulating.

Right now, I kind of hate civil matters. Ugh. UGH. I'd be happy dealing with purely criminal matters for the next two years; that is, until such time as I get bored.

6. Indian Wells 2010

I totally laughed at Roger losing the second set tie-break to Victor Hanescu yesterday. In fact, I laughed throughout the second half of the second set. Something evil possessed him and forced him to misfire forehands left and right. When he missed a dead-easy ball (was it a volley?) at a crucial point in the tie-break - i.e. FIVE-ALL, and winning that point would've given him SET POINT - I just laughed.

He was generous enough to gift Hanescu one set in their previous 5 meetings. Okay, to be fair, Hanescu played at a relatively high level in the second set. But it was obvious Roger would win (duh). He was just taking his time. Maybe he was thinking of the fans, how they wanted to see more of him after he was out for so long.


Gonna watch Lu Yen-Hsun lose to Andy Roddick now. Respectable scoreline though - 6-4, 6-4. And he broke Andy in the second set!

Actually I really think Lu plays well. He's good. He just doesn't have the confidence he needs to beat these guys. And he's not tall enough. The commentators were sayng how he has excellent work ethics, how he's always on the practice courts. It's sad that someone so committed doesn't have a higher ranking - he's in the 100's now, when previously he was 60-ish.

I totally support him cos he's all Taiwanese and shit, but also because he comes from a non-Communist Asian country, a predominantly Chinese one, and he's a professional tennis player. That's virtually unheard of.

Also? He pwns all the PRC male players. The women all kick his ass (M Sharapova stupidly lost to Zheng Jie) but he pwns all the males. Mwahaha.

Okay tennis time.

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