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Federer! And I'm still itchy.

No one told me that SuperSports is broadcasting the exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi! When I remembered that Roger was playing his match at 8 p.m. and turned on the TV to confirm that it wasn't on, I nearly screamed when I saw his face and that it was the start of the third set! Bloody stupid StarHub and its lousy shit programme guide that made no whimper of the coverage!

I love SuperSports though. I knew that it was the channel to turn to to check, since it carries all these weird stuff. Too bad StarSports is covering the Australian Open; it better not screw up the way it did with Bercy last year!

Anyway, Roger lost his first match of the year hahaha. I'd be all doom and gloom, except it ended way later than I thought it would. Murray served at 4-1 third set, then he served at 4-5 third set. HAHA take that Murray! I was trying valiantly to telepathically tell Roger to "break at win!" during Murray's service games but alas, it was not to be. The tie-break was quite a bit of a nail-biter. Once again, when I thought it was over, Roger showed us why he's Roger Federer and saved three match points. Unfortunately he gave Murray another match point when he missed yet another forehand, and the match point, on Murray's serve, was quickly converted when Roger sent a return way long.

Sadness, but whatever, it was just an exhibition match. And I could kind of tell that Roger didn't really care after Murray broke him twice for 4-1 Murray in the start of the third. It was only when Murray got broken back after he jumped too soon for an overhead smash that Roger started showing more interest. The commentator, whoever he was, said it quite right when he said that Roger didn't really care when he was down two breaks; but when he saw that he had a chance, he was clearly more interested and wanting it more.

But still - just an exhibition match. Roger lost to Andy Roddick at Kooyong (another exhibition tournament) in 2007 and when on to decisively thrash him in the semi-final of the Australian Open, so whatever. It was nice seeing Roger play again, and totally LOL at him wearing his Masters Cup 2008 outfit (I never knew his shoes had 'Shanghai 2008' written on them in Chinese!) which he can totally ditch after this. Yay, can't wait to see his new outfit!

Honestly, the Federer-Murray rivalry (it's soon shaping up to be one!) is way more interesting than the Federer-Nadal one. Murray, much as he's rather mechanical style-wise, is way more compelling and intelligent a tennis player than Nadal is. I'd rest happy to never have to watch Nadal grunt his way through a match for the rest of my life...but wait, I'm watching the Nadal/Davydenko match after I post this! Which I'm only doing because my brother is not home and he wants to watch the DVDs that I rented and that Mag lent me so I have nothing to watch. And I don't feel like preparing for class just yet. And it's Davydenko I'm watching, not Nadal, so there.


In other news, I went to school today to print out the stuff for Comparative Constitutional Law and it's so thick that I don't even want to begin adding up the total number of pages for each chapter. The longest stands at, like, 177? Oh my gad I'm going to die.

I also attempted to shop for an hour. I had to rush home because my brother was going out. It was a complete waste of time and the $4.50 parking fee at Wheelock. I bought nothing. Zara is hopeless, and the super nice denim skirt I saw at Mango in Taipei is on sale here...but predictably, it didn't come in my size. And I went to three outlets to check. I'm sad - really sad.

Lastly, my fucking skin is still itching like crazy. I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow. Mag thought it might be hives but thankfully I don't look that bad. I thought it might be measles, not knowing what it is except it exists, and thankfully, I don't look like that either. So I have no idea what it is. Maybe it's an allergic reaction, but the only thing, as far as I know, that I'm allergic to is dust.

It better be something good, 'cause I now have a bump on my chin. If it spreads to my face, it better be something good, or else I swear I think I will just give up on life.

Okay, tennis! I'm so glad the season has started, albeit unofficially! (Since the Abu Dhabi isn't an ATP tournament, "unofficially".)

I need to play tennis arghhhh.

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