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I hate it when Roger loses.

1. Indian Wells 2010

What's worse than finding out that Roger lost to Marcos Baghdatis in the third round?

Finding out that he had three match points.

As a rule I don't watch matches that he lost (unless I watched it live, in which case it's inevitable that I would watch a losing match as I have no way to predict with certainty whether he'd win or lose) but American Idol was dreadfully boring at parts and they were showing the match on Channel 22, and I was damn curious as to how he got broken in the second set/how he played generally, so I tortured myself by watching the penultimate two games of the second set.

All I can say is: SIGH.

See, I knew he'd lose early in this tournament considering his lung infection and therefore lack of match play/practice/training. But 1) I didn't think he'd lose before the quarter-finals; and 2) I still hoped he'd win anyway. Don't really know why I still derive such joy from his victories, but I do - and so it follows that when he loses, the world is a slightly less happy place, and I'm sure I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning morose to some degree.

I can't believe he missed three match points. Can't believe he missed that forehand up-the-line on the first match point. Missed a backhand slice on the second. OH MY GOD.

Right, so it's Baggy for the win now. Not like it's ever going to happen though, so...Andy Roddick! ANYONE BUT DJOKOVIC, MURRAY AND NADAL. Especially not Djoke. I like him but he's #2 and he should STAY #2. The bigger the gap between him and Roger, the better.

Roger's going to lose points. Oh my god, I thought his showing at this tournament last year was bad enough, but apparently this year's even worse. HOW VERY DEPRESSING. And according to his website, the last time he lost a match when he held match points was in 2006, Rome, against Nadal.


I think I'm more disappointed in his loss than I was when I found out I wasn't retained. Hahaha. I obviously need my priorities checked.

Anyway, I like Baggy, so it's not all bad. And I really hope he wins it all. Especially since he called this victory the best win of his career. Undoubtedly so - it's not every day you get to beat Roger Federer.


2. American Idol

Fucking hell I hate this season. I'm still pissed that I won't get to see Lilly anymore and I don't like the front-runners. I'm okay with Crystal, though to me she's the same every single freaking week, and I just don't get Siobhan. I don't. That freaking scream towards the end of Paint It Black had shades of Gokey's Dream On from last season - and it's NOT a good comparison, considering I was laughing my ass off at Gokey and his deluded imitation of Steve Tyler. The only part I liked of her whole performance was the soft moment at the end, but I liked it better when it was over.

And oh my god, I loathe Andrew Garcia and I want his fugly neck tattoo and horrible singing off my TV as soon as humanly possible. He is so damn BAD. He's all nasal and out of breath and constipated when he sings, and he's just not that interesting. Of course, I say this as someone who didn't see his Straight Up performance that the whole world is foaming at the mouth over but yeah, I really don't care. He should've freaking gone after his idiotic cover of Genie in a Bottle last week.

I hate Paige Miles and she better be gone tomorrow.

Actually, I hate everyone except Lee and Didi, and Crystal to some extent (but she's predictable to me). Everyone else is dispensable. This is really the worst season of Idol I've ever watched, 'cause Didi is going to crash and burn, and nice to listen to, but not great. Definitely nowhere near what David Cook brought to the show.

Anyway, my favourite performance was from Lee. I didn't get that he was singing about sex until I watched the video on YouTube and heard the words more clearly. But I liked that it was laid back and quiet and simple, and I have it stuck in my head which is always a good thing.

I like Didi best when she's playing guitar so this week didn't do much for me. It was pleasant, and she's still hell pretty, but yeah.

I hate Casey James. Everytime I see him I just want to cut his hair. And he's no Bo Bice.

Wow, this season sucks. Worst season ever. Have I said that already? Worst season ever. Lilly Scott was my one saving grace and she's gone.

I hate America. I hate the idiots that didn't vote for her. Stupid fools. STUPID. FOOLS.

Let's see how much more of this crap I can tolerate before I'm off this season for good; probably when the two people I like are cut or something.


3. Nothing else

Nothing much to say, except I'm tired and I'm sick of work.


Sick of missing my boyfriend too.


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