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woeful school and nostalgic taipei love.

Once again, as always, I don't care much for my layout, but whatever lah.

And the new layout goes to show how much work I've done this afternoon. The plan was to prepare for tomorrow's Equity tutorial. The plan failed. And getting wind of the news that my tutor's down with chickenpox and so we have to join other tutors' classes made me not want to do my tutorial since whatever class participation I attempt wouldn't count anyway, and the whole point to doing my tutorial is to participate in class to get class participation marks to bring up my grade. Going by this line of logic, attempting to participate in another tutor's class is more or less not even a viable option anymore; if it ain't gonna count, I ain't gonna care.

It's really not like I have this burning passion to ascertain the situations in which a resulting trust would arise anyway. Reading the casebook is confusing the shit out of me, too, and I need my bloody textbook but it's STILL NOT AVAILABLE, the stupid suppliers ought to be shot, and speaking of annoying things, my assignment sucks so much ass I can't even begin to describe it. I still have one more point I haven't addressed and I'm already almost at the word limit. The fuck? Why the hell are the bloody footnotes part of the word limit anyway? It's ridiculous. I'm tempted to remove all my citations; they're a complete waste of space.

I feel extremely hormonal today.

LCS lecture was, uh, yeah. A rather inappropriately and sardonically and darkly funny thought came to me in the middle of the client interview, and it's at times like that that I wonder what is so wrong with me that I'd find something of that nature funny.

Actually, I thought it was quite hilarious and I gave myself major props for thinking of it.

Let's just say that it was, in some aspect, a throw-back to last semester and my most hated module ever and leave it at that.

Also, a funny conversation:

Random Person R: Why do I even want a guy with breasts?
Random Person A: Be conscious of your conversation!
Random Person M: What are you talking about?
Random Person A: We're talking about guys with breasts. There are two right here.
Random Person R: Let's all go shopping for bras together!


Lastly, I find it therapeutic to wash the dishes. Is that disturbing or what?


Edited to add:

Because I never finished writing about last year's Taipei trip (and neither did I finish writing about Bangkok, which goes to show that I can't be a travel writer, ever, and neither do I want to be one, ever) and because I miss Taipei very much right now, a couple of pictures:

This is where I used to live. Of course, the new owners have long (and I mean, LONG) since made their marks on MY apartment. We never hung our clothes to dry like that. I mean, if there's a balcony-thing which is meant for such things, just make use of it. Sure it's all dark and scary-ish but it's still not as unglam as hanging your laundry out of your window for any random person to see.

That green shade thing seems to be new. When I went back to take pictures I wasn't sure if it was really my old apartment because of the green thingy. The windows looked exactly like how I remember them to be, but the downstairs? Not so much. It was only when I showed my dad the picture that it was confirmed that it IS indeed my old apartment.

No, housing isn't very glam in Taipei. Ugly-ass exterior, marginally-better interior. I'd hazard that apartments in downtown Taipei (assuming there are any) are better-designed but of course they'd be more expensive. Having said that, the place I used to stay is rather sought-after, I think. Besides the fact that it's predominantly pan-blue (I have this notion that the average Taipei-er with half a brain would want to avoid the pan-green camp but I could just be biased), it's near many of the super happening places, going by number of Metro stops.

Okay, I have no idea what I'm talking about, except I used to live there and I stay there whenever I fly back to Taipei and I fucking miss Taipei like crazy and I could use a vacation right about now. Sorry, I'm PMSing tonight (literally).

The original picture from which the header for this layout is modified. This shows quite clearly why it's more convenient not to own a car.

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