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A thought on Singapore Idol: Taufik Batisah is hot. He is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. When I caught fifteen minutes of the show on Thursday or whenever it was (the only fifteen minutes I've seen after the hilarious auditions ended as a matter of fact) and heard him sing that song that he sang, the first one... OH MY GOD. </p>

If I weren't going to Taiwan on the 30th of this month, I'd totally vote for him man. Talk about a fine specimen of a man who'd look absolutely DROP DEAD in black eye-liner! Ahh!

No comment on the poser rocker hairstyled, non-existent command of English, annoyingly Ah Beng and not too bright finalist Sylvester Sim though.


Then again, I take that back. I honestly don't understand what people see in him. He's...a typical ah beng Singaporean. How boring and how uncouth. I think the only people that like him are secondary school Chinese girls. Honestly. And it's so embarrassing for my old school CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' that Lifestyle featured some geekos from there swooning like retards over him some weeks back. Oh god. How disgusting. It really goes to show that you don't have to be exceptionally clever to get into a top school.

Okay, I'm being unnecessarily mean, but whatever.

Back to my initial point: Taufik rocks! Wahoo!

However, Sylvester is going to win because Singapore is choke-full of retards who don't know the difference between good singing and mediocre singing, and of course, silly secondary school Chinese girls. (Don't even try to argue that the contestant's race is not a factor; it is and it will always be.) What can I say? Singapore is not exactly a very culturally-inclined society. I hate to say this, even though I actually lavish in it, but the truth is, culture is an elitist thing and since 'elite' is confined to a small proportion of a population by definition, it naturally means that a popularity contest would see the popular person emerging tops, and that popular person may not be the best. Singapore Idol completely epitomises that fact.

I almost died laughing when I heard Sylvester S. attempting "Music of the Night", especially that last bit when he attempted the high note; I completely died laughing when he said that he did his homework by reading up on the story.

Oh my god, big bloody deal! You'd have my respect if you actually read the book! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Who doesn't know the story? Hahahahahahahaha!

Okay, enough on Singapore Idol and enough SS bashing or else people like Tingren would come after me with a huge parang. So moving on now.

I have officially lost the mood to study. I got a new phone today, a Sony Ericcson T630 if memory serves, and I spent about two hours this afternoon playing with the camera. I really love my new phone though, even though it's not a Panasonic x400, the one that I really want. It's great! It's so nice! It's amazing!

Right, I can't really wax lyrical about a bloody mobile phone so I shall shut up now. The point is, I've wasted quite a lot of time and this entry isn't helping matters and it doesn't seem to faze me at all that I'm taking History Paper 2 and Econs Papers 1 and 2 tomorrow but then again it's not as if I've studied very hard or whatever and I've always sucked at MCQ and Paper 2 (Econs) so I should be freaking out now, and I think I will be freaking out later at 11 p.m. when I finally decide to tell myself to start doing work and get my hands off my new phone. Yeah.

I lost half my SMSes though, when I transferred my SIM card over to the new phone. Bloody hell. I had about 58 messages but when I did the transfer I was left with 27. What the hell man? Luckily the vital ones were kept intact or I would've really yelled bloody murder and gone on a rampage.

My brother was watching Underworld again on Star Movies this morning, and I was reading the papers on the floor in front of the TV. So I was trying to focus on what I was reading (as it gets difficult when there are auditory distractions around in the form of things in the two languages that I can understand) when I heard this hilarious line uttered by some ugly-shit vampire/werewolf/whatever in the movie:

"It has already began."


That's all I'm gonna say.

I can't think of anything else to write and I'm also getting sick of hearing myself talk so I'll end this here now.

Wait, before that:


There. The excitement is back. I do hope that I'd bum into him so that I can... do something. I don't know what either, but.

Hahahahaha. I'm just kidding.

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