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THIS is why I find the current season of American Idol utterly dull:

Mom said it best when she commented, while watching David, that she didn't realise last night's theme was Rolling Stones night because the performances were all so lifeless.

TRUE DAT. I LOVE YOU DAVID COOK. I wish he could guest perform every week.

This is still my favourite Cook performance:

I'm that easy to please.


In happy tennis news, IVAN LJUBICIC D. NOVAK DJOKOVIC!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now, things would be perfect if Berdych took out Nadal tomorrow, so that Nadal loses a ton of points (due to failure to defend title) and keeps Roger reasonably safe from him.

I don't even care about Murray anymore 'cause he's just a mug, so whatever.

Miami next week!!!


In less happy news, I'm even less of a fan of work now than ever. I'm so tired. It's 11.18 and I'm going to bed.

Tags: american idol, andy murray, david cook, novak djokovic, rafael nadal, tennis, tomas berdych, videos

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