anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i love logan echolls. <3

I had a very satisfying dream last night and I woke up feeling like something was missing. Most of the details have already become vague, but in short, it was me and Logan Echolls, and the part that remains clearest in my mind?

Me and Logan, and a very private bathroom.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

I woke up, also, with Jielun's Lang Man Shou Ji (Romantic Handphone and yes I do feel stupid typing that) playing softly in my head. I played his new disc again and I fell in love with that song. I still don't feel much for Malt Candy, except the verses; the chorus...doesn't do it for me yet.

Also love: Hei Se Mao Yi and its strong and distinct R&B feel.

No Veronica Mars this week due to some sweepstakes thingy or other. That just stinks.

I've already watched all of Gilmore Girls Season 5 as well as all the already-aired episodes of Season 6. So currently I have nothing to watch and it's severely getting on my nerves, and my Alias Season 4 download is at 30.8% and I've been downloading it for about a month already. I hate technology. And I am in desperate and dire need of a fucking DVD burner.

I can't taste my coffee. In fact, I haven't been able to taste anything for the past two days. I wake up and my throat feels scratchy, I think of school and my heart feels suicidal.

Okay, those two train of thoughts were completely unrelated. I'm sorry but I'm distracted by the Jason Dohring site I linked to above. Logan is so hot. I'm so in love.

I wanted to finish this Friday's SLS readings today but I read two pages' worth of statutes on human organ transplants and I decided that this site was more interesting.

No angsty thoughts today.

Or rather, many angsty thoughts today, no mood to write about them.

Well, they're nothing I haven't already whined to death about anyway.

Whatever. I need a guy like Logan. He's so hot and fucked up, incorrigibly amoral, so yummy. I love his snarky ways and the poor little rich boy cliche, and he has his huge mansion all to himself, and he has an SUV (which I can get used to), and I love the choker he always wears.

To top it all off, he's so hot without a shirt. Love the dramatic and theatrical hand gestures, that smirk, the way he's able to inject sarcasm into his quirky little skips, I'm convinced he's the one.

I should shut up, shouldn't I?

Tags: dreams, guys, jay chou, law school, music, sick, tv shows, veronica mars

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