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Meanie Me

I am a bit mean sometimes, just for the fun of it, such as this afternoon over lunch at a surprisingly decent Chinese place. The eatery was a bit small and it was kind of crowded, and so Dominic and I were squeezed into a tiny table. I struggled a bit with my bag; I'd placed it between the back of the chair and the small of my back, and it felt a bit uncomfortable so I tried to re-position it to a more comfortable spot.

Dominic suggested that I put my bag on the chair next to me. Unfortunately, the bag strap was draped around the back of the chair, over which I'd placed my coat, and I was too lazy to stand up and fix everything. As such, I shifted my bag to the right of the chair and gave myself a bit more space.

Dominic said, 'It's surprising that you can still fit on the chair.'

I knew it would be mean; I knew also that I would have fun watching him squirm; and so I said, 'Are you saying that I'm fat?'

'No no, I said that you can still fit on the chair!'

'Yeah, but you said it's surprising.'

The look on his face - so funny. I laughed so hard. I'm still laughing now.


Initially, we weren't going to go to the Chinese place - which he said was his favourite Chinese restaurant - because, in his words, 'I can't take you there because then you would judge me for my low taste in Chinese food'. But we ended up there after I said I was curious to check it out, and he brought me on this big detour which meant that we had to eat there upon arrival.

It was actually good. We shared some vegetarian dumplings which had really nice skin even though the filling was a bit strange. There was seaweed too and tofu and I had some hot and sour vermicelli thing, which was nice but I don't like thick vermicelli and so I didn't finish it (it was also a very big bowl). He has pretty good taste in food. Actually, I just realised that I've only gone to Asian eating places with him so far. I wonder why that is.


I have to get some work done before this magic show at 8pm. I am SO lazy. I am also completely dreading the presentation on Tuesday. Dominic was supposed to listen to me for 15 minutes, but I haven't prepared and so it's been pushed to tomorrow. I feel nervous even just saying it in front of him. Why does this talking business have to come with the academia territory? Isn't it quite plain that most aspiring academics are not natural speakers? Sigh.
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