anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,


At a hotel right now.

I'm supposed to be at a beach-type thing.

Uh, yeah.

It rained the whole damn day though and I'm freezing. I love my Slam Dunk jacket.

I attempted to visit Jielun's shop yesterday but I didn't have the address, only its name, and so it was absolutely futile.

I have, however, found the address, so I might be going back again.

But the point is, I'm paying sixty frigging Taiwanese dollars for this precious hour of Internet access so this shall be short and severely lacking in substance.

God, it's so cold here.

And I've decided that I cannot live in Taipei ever, however much I like it.

And of course, Taipei is still the best place in Taiwan, dirt and mess and irritating drivers and even more irritating motorcyclists and soot and stinky alleys and a perpetual smog of dog shit and all.

And I'm gonna go cut my hair really soon. Yeah.

Went to Taipei 101 yesterday. Was pretty boring. BUT, I bought Julian Barnes's "History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters", a book which I've been looking high and low for, at Page One. You know, that Singaporean-opened bookstore? Yeah.

My hands are freezing and I can't type so.

And I've caught a cold. So I'm coughing away like a hack every five seconds.

And I hate the hair dryer back at the apartment in Yonghe. It blows cold air. Hence, it takes about five hours to dry one strand of hair. How efficient.

Off to the freezer.

Tags: jay chou, julian barnes, rant, taipei, taiwan

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