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Friends and Intellectual Conversations

I had a great Thursday night after spending the whole afternoon hammering out something to send to my supervisors before the meeting on Friday. This time, it was really crap. I read over what I sent them the last time (because I didn't remember what my argument was at all) and I was actually quite impressed by the fact that it was pretty good. But oh my god, what I sent this time round is really shit, and I really mean it this time.

But whatever. I won't think about that.

The Graduate Law Society Christmas dinner at Wolfson College was lovely. The food was shit, but I spent most of the time talking to Joshua, a fellow PhD student from Malaysia, about section 377A, the enforcement of public morality, liberty, what kind of gross acts should be criminalised, etc. It was so fun! He is really intelligent; he's doing research into jurisprudence. It was fun that he played devil's advocate and challenged the hell out of my ideas. I'm not sure that I convinced him of my position; he was right that my position presupposes a certain moral stance. But then, I think it is the correct moral position because it excludes reasons for criminalising certain behaviours that are based on irrational dislike or prejudice towards a certainn discriminated group. Still, I am quite aware that it is quite dependent on a particular moral philosophy.

He was at the PhD seminar where I gave my presentation and he said it was 'excellent'. Ha ha ha. He was obviously just being too kind!

After the heavy discussion, we started talking about food and Singapore and stuff. He lapsed into his Malaysian English and it was awesome speaking Singlish to someone! It did take me a while to get into it though.

There was this disco thing after the dinner. John, my PhD best friend, popped by for a bit; he was also in Wolfson for salsa. I told him about G and he was all supportive and nice. He also took me to his salsa group and he tried to get me to dance, but when he said 'left and right' or whatever, I was already confused, and oh my god, I just cannot dance in a coordinated manner when I'm more or less sober and not feel completely ridiculous.

John is awesome. I'm really glad to have him as a friend. He is one of the most open and big-hearted people I've met, ever. I will miss him over the winter break!

Something else happened which I will write about privately. Suffice it to say: why am I hung up on someone who doesn't like me enough to commit when I can virtually go out with anyone I wanted in Cambridge? If I get around to making New Year's resolutions, at the top of my list will be to get over G.
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