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I would like to think that I'm immune to jetlag, but alas, the debilitating fatigue that I felt at about 6.30pm, which led me to fall asleep immediately dinner, and which currently plagues me still, tells me otherwise. I'm not even sure why I would be sleepy in the evening, and the most annoying part is that I've been waking up at 5-ish in the morning since I got back.

I have not been up to much. I exercise every morning, then go out for lunch with my mom and brother, then try and work on my presentation in the afternoon. I think it's more or less fine; all I need to do now is to stop tripping over words like 'constitutional' (which is essentially what my paper is about so I have to say this word a million times), 'classification', 'adjudication', 'constitutionalism'...basically words with more than 3 syllables. Sigh. I hate talking. It is such a drag. I really hope that I don't get difficult questions, and that my mind doesn't freeze when I try to answer them.

I've also been exceeding the 15-minute limit for the presentation by almost a minute. I guess it's better than having nothing to say.

Rui and I had drinks at Horse's Mouth last night. It was fun, as usual, and I was very happy to see her! I hope she was happy to see me too. I'm totally stoked about Zouk Out on Friday after my conference. I think it's the most perfect reward for all my hard work, no?


Rui and I were trying to understand the Schrodinger's cat. At least, she was trying to understand; I threw in the towel after I saw the words 'quantum physics' (or was it 'quantum mechanics'?). Rui asked me to ask Dominic to explain it and I duly relayed the message. He just said this: 'Once I'm a bit more awake, I'll send you some musings on Schrödinger's cat. I promise that those will be some of the most boring sentences you'll have ever read.'

Laughing out loud was my first response. The next thing that occurred to me was this thought: 'He knows what it is?!' That was quickly followed by this: 'Duh, of course he knows what it is.'

At times - very infrequent times - I feel rather stupid viz. him. But well, I explain that away by saying that our brains clearly work very differently and it's not my fault that I'm not wired to understand science-y and maths-y stuff.


I am so tired. I shall sleep. I am enjoying Byatt's Possession a lot more now, though sometimes the narrative drags when she switches perspectives (and narrative form) and includes boring details, such as the French village that the cousin of Christabel LaMotte (the Victorian poetess) lives in. Who cares? Just get to the point.

I also realised that my legal training and my PhD and whatever, my academic work, has severely messed with my ability to read and enjoy a novel. What I just said - get to the point - pretty much sums it up, I think.

Okay. I am going to bed.
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