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pointless entry.

Currently listening to the Formula 17 soundtrack which I got today. My brains kinda cease to function like it always does (ie. with acute intelligence and wry wittiness) when I'm listening to something and writing/reading something at the same time, so if I don't make sense at certain points or my English becomes total crap...well, you know why.</p>

I really love the theme song of Formula 17. I think it's amazing. 我想你的快乐是因为我. Rough translation: I think your happiness is because of me. I like how it's light and carefree and cute.

Okay, something's wrong with me. Oh well.

Went out with Angela today to Bugis. Was pretty fun! She bought like a skirt and two tops while I tried on a bunch of things and in the end decided to stop further burning that gargantuan hole in my pocket and hence I didn't get the black top. I did buy this soundtrack though, so I guess my attempt at saving money wasn't very successful.

Blah, I need a job. I saw and tried on this amazing skirt at Urban & Co but it was $49. Ugh. I also didn't have a nice top to go with it so yeah.

Angela and I took a photo somewhere in the middle of Parco or wherever it was that we were at. Haha! Just like tourists. So funny. I like shopping with her, for some reason or other. So, it's all good then.

Went out with Mr. Girl/Simon yesterday. Watched National Treasure. It was entertaining but forgettable. My heartfelt message to Mr. Nicolas Cage: STOP SELLING OUT, DUDE! I still remember Vampire's Kiss. Adaptation. Good stuff, none of that City of Angels crap. I think the Oscars actually kills an actor's career; look at Halle Berry and that stupid Catwoman nonsense. Oh well, maybe it's just me, but I don't think so!

Was quite entertaining with Simon too even though we were stuck at West Mall. Had lunch at Mos, and he had two burgers. Jeez. I don't understand how anyone can eat that much.

And on Friday, I went to Bugis with Ben. I finally bought my Bluetooth gadget from Sim Lim Square or whatever it's called which explains the photo of Taipei 101 I included in the previous entry. We had lunch at Mos too; Ben said that the only time he eats Mos is when he's with me. Haha! Same applied to Simon too. I really love Mos though, but I do wish that I could go to the one in Yonghe every day. I fell in love with it at first sight. Amazing decor and ambience (yes, there was actually ambience!). I wonder why we can't have that in Singapore.

I'm not writing about Taipei today. I'm too tired to do so. And anyway, I doubt that I'd be going out tomorrow; was supposed to meet this guy who recorded The OC for me while I was away in Taiwan and I messaged him at like six to ask if it's still on but HE HASN'T REPLIED and I'm a bit ticked off, but.

But, I'm listening to Formula 17's theme song and it's making me happy, so yeah. And Jielun's concert CD/DVD/VCD whatever, the Incomparable to Jay (�����ױ�) one, is coming out on Tuesday and obviously I'm buying it so that's another thing to look forward to.

Ahh, I can't wait for it! I can't believe he did ALL the songs from Qi Li Xiang in Taipei and only like 80% in Singapore! That is so unfair! I wonder how he did Wo De Di Pan live...haha, would be pretty interesting.

Right, this is the end of today's shallow and pointless entry. Have a nice day, or what remains of this day.

PS. I love that making out scene between Xiaotian and Richard in Formula 17! It was so hot!

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