anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

stupid equity assignment.

I am VERY VERY VERY super unhappy with the way my Equity assignment is turning out. The fact that I'm pretty much redoing Part (a) because I totally did not consider the point about whether it's a discretionary trust or a mere power is only about 30% of the unhappiness. The remaining 70%?

Take a wild guess. I'm sure the answer is obvious to anyone who knows the tiniest bit about how I work.

Okay, here goes:

MY WRITING IS DISGUSTING. I pulled up my Property assignment from last sem and I kept wondering why the hell it is that my Equity assignment sounds so stilted and constipated while my Property assignment was well-written and actually had a bit of a confident tone to it. Why, why, why? I can't progress if I can't get past this style issue. I feel like I'm writing one painful sentence after another with a mental block between every single sentence and when I read it over it's all disjointed and unsophisticated and...plain and ordinary.

I'm upset. And it doesn't look like I'll be completing the assignment anytime soon so I'll probably have to do it tomorrow. Fuuuck.

Nevermind. There's American Idol. Time to laugh at Antonella Barba.

(By the way, I want to declare my new-found love for Blake Lewis 'cause he's soooo totally cool. He did a 311 song, hello? I totally hopped on his love train last night. He brings a touch of currentness to the otherwise mundane and predictable murk of the usual and increasingly boring fare of Stevie Wonder/Aretha Franklin/Some Super Big-Lunged Shouter like Whitney Houston or Other that more or less characterises American Idol. So yeah, go Blake! And I'm tired of Chris Sligh. And the guys suck so much ass it's not funny. Like, that Indian boy? Fuck, his complete suckiness is totally preventing me from falling back on any residual (highly doubtful) interest I might've had in him based on the fact he's Asian. He sucks. Yeah. I'm rambling.)

Tags: american idol, assignments, law school

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