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Christmas + Christmas Eve

Christmas was spent having food good at my uncle's, then blueberry pancakes with earl grey and fig ice-cream at Cedele, Rail Mall, with my parents and brother. I read a bit of Penelope Fitzgerald's The Beginning of Spring before taking a nap, and then read the introduction of Yael Tamir's Liberal Nationalism before upgrading my Windows to Windows 10. Did some French on Duolingo. Talked to my family. Spent my night watching the rest of A Coffee in Berlin which was interrupted by G two nights ago. I liked the film. It wasn't ground-breaking or particularly insightful, but I enjoyed Tom Schilling's performance and the story of his character's existentialist crisis captured in a day. The black-and-white was quite pretty too, as was the music. Also, the only reason I downloaded this movie was because it was filmed in Berlin, and so seeing Berlin on film was really nice too. I miss Berlin.

Christmas Eve was spent at the salon in the morning; I finally trimmed my hair! My hair ends are so dry like hay though. After the hair cut, I went to an Indian restaurant along Race Course Road with my mom and brother. The establishment used to have another restaurant in East Coast that we went to all the time, but that one has closed, and apparently the restaurant has changed its name. Regardless; the food was amazing. I really loved the bhindi/bindi (lady's fingers) masala and the stuffed potato thing that my brother ordered. I love Indian food.

I went for a massage in the late afternoon. I sustained a mild muscle pain in my upper back after my epic run on Wednesday, and I thought a massage would do me some good. It didn't, not really. I'm not sure if I enjoyed the massage. It was somewhat relaxing at times, but it was also too painful at times too, such that I was practically breaking out in a sweat because of that. I had to tell the girl to use less pressure. It was my second massage ever, and definitely better than the one first one at Jean Yip Loft. I went with Mag on that occasion; we'd bought some Groupon vouchers. I really hated it. My body was aching like crazy the next day. This time, I feel some pain in my lower back, but it's a lot better than the first time. Perhaps I have been abusing my body too much with all the exercising!

Dinner was spent at home. My mom made some salmon for me while my parents and brother had roast beef. There was also a salad and a log cake, and some wine. I think I am going for some wine appreciation class, so that I will know which wine to buy that will be to my liking. Anyway, dinner was good. After dinner, I went to Loof where Rui very nicely agreed to meet me. I wanted to disassociate Loof from G, it being where we spent the night on our first real date/second meeting, and the ground floor of Odeon Towers (where Loof is) was where he first kissed me. (Ugh, ew.) My drink wasn't great, but she enjoyed her burger, so yay! She was complaining that she looked like a hobo before we met, but she was complaining about nothing as always because she looked great as always. I will never be able to pull off a floral cropped top, high-waisted jeans and sneakers look. Rui, on the other hand, can pull off anything. I had a great time, as always. We left at about 11.45pm; after a while, one simply gives in to the fatigue and stops worrying about being lame and going home early!

I am tired. On another note, this SCW person texted me on Thursday morning, asking if I wanted to join him at the Coffee Bean, Rail Mall, where he was going to do some work. I know it is really, really bad of me considering it was what I hated about G...but I didn't reply. I was going to say that I haven't replied, but I don't think I'm going to. I know it's a simple yes/no question, and if I hadn't forgotten about it hours after the fact on Thursday, I would've said something like 'sorry I have plans' or whatever. But I forgot about it. I saw it on my locked screen when I took out my phone to call my mom after my hair cut, and then promptly forgot all about it as I got on with the day until the evening or something. Ugh, why do I attract weird people? This is annoying.


I am not sad, but I am pissed off about the G shit. Just so pissed off. I don't feel like expending energy writing about it so I will leave it at that.
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