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heroes is terrible.

This entry contains spoilers for Heroes Season 2 Episode 11, also known as the season finale all thanks to the WGA strike.

I watched it without my brother 'cause he was sleeping and I couldn't wait any longer to find out if Adam dies or not. Sorry bro, but David's just too important to me.

It turns out he's not dead actually, just, you know, buried alive in what appears to be Hiro's dad's coffin.

At first I was devastated. I was expecting the episode to end with Adam getting away or at least being free to walk around and not die over and over and over again for the rest of his immortal life. But it - the Adam parts - ended with him banging against the lid of the coffin and screaming, "Let me out!" Which totally destroys his coolness and makes him Hiro's bitch which is so wrong.

And what was up with Hiro saying that Adam/Kensei betrayed him? Last I checked Hiro was the one that stole Kensei's ugly annoying girlfriend, and Adam only killed his dad after he (Hiro's dad) locked him up for thirty years. What was with his high horse? That really pissed me off. If you want to kill someone, at least get your facts straight.

I don't like how they left it unresolved whether or not Adam's gonna be coming back. On the bright side, however, he did not die which means that there's a possibility that he might return.

And honestly? If David's off the show for good, I'm not watching it anymore.

Because honestly? The show is shit. Throughout the entire episode I found myself not giving a shit about most of the characters except...Adam, obviously, and...I dunno, Nathan. Whom they ended up shooting. What the fuck? Mohinder is honestly the stupidest person ever; all thanks to him hot but boring and useless Sylar has his powers back and hence we have to rehash Season 1, as if it wasn't tiring enough the first time around. I mean, yes, Sylar is hot and there was this scene where they filmed his profile and he has an amazingly hot ass, but still. I have no interest in watching Sylar eat brains, because even without being married to David I dare say that Adam's a more intriguing villain. He has a point, he has some basis for doing what he does, for not believing in what he used to believe in anymore. His speech to Hiro epitomised it all: humanity is decadent and it's not worth saving. And yes, Adam has a god complex, but he has a reason for the said god complex: he can't fucking die. He's seen it all. He is mad, but he is subtly mad and David plays the underlying reasoned and somewhat understandable evilness in such a way that the character comes across as intelligent, purposeful, and coherent.

Sylar? He's just some petulant ego maniac with mommy issues. He was supposed to die last season; that was the point of last season. Having him around with powers restored for Volume 3 is just completely retarded. And I'm sorry, hot as he is, he doesn't intrigue me half as much as Adam does.

But then again, what does it matter? The writing is so amazingly terrible that it's managed to destroy whatever intrigue Adam had when he was first introduced as a potential villain. There was so much potential to give him layers, shades of grey, to create a compelling, ambiguous villain that's always keeping people guessing. But instead the writers/whoever chose to take the predictable route by making him all-out evil - which is bloody boring. If it weren't for David, the character would just become caricature. Seriously. Adam gets the lamest lines: "We're doing this to save lives." "The woman that you love is in danger." Like, seriously? Seriously? I wonder how David managed to say those lines without laughing out loud; I wonder how he managed to deliver those lines and actually sell them. It was only when I was re-watching the Adam scenes from Episode 10 for like the millionth time that I noticed how cringe-worthy that 'save lives' line was.

If I watch Heroes again, it'd purely be because of David. Even Kristen Bell can't make me watch this shit. After the end of what is arguably a roller-coaster ride of a first season one would expect the characters to have some sort of growth, to understand themselves and the people around them better, to grow up - but no. So many things are back at square one, as if Season 1 never happened, especially Noah Bennet being back with the Company. It's extremely tiring to watch old plot lines being recycled and going through the same shit all over again, just because the people writing the scripts and coming up with the stories do not have anything new to say. If there is nothing new to say, don't even bother. Because it is incredibly pointless.

I can't imagine how anyone could still think that Heroes is a good show. It was good in Season 1 and even then I found it a bit slow in the beginning, but at least there was a coherent plot and the characters were intriguing and I cared about them. The multiple storylines also intersected in some way. Now? I have no idea what the hell the Monica plot served to do and I really didn't care if she lived or died. The whole thing just took away precious minutes from the Adam/virus storyline which was the only thing that I wanted to watch. The Mohinder/Sylar nonsense was ridiculous and I did not care at all about Claire and her whatever going public crap. And really, all I care about is whether Adam's gonna come back, and that's because of the actor that plays the character, and it's got nothing to do with how the character is written - because we've already established that Adam's rather badly written.

Without David, I would have no reason to watch Heroes, because I've lost interest in nearly all the characters, and the fact that Volume 3 started with Sylar getting his powers back means that I don't care about the plot. It'd only be of interest to me if Adam somehow figures into the whole thing. But then again, I'm not sure if I want to watch Adam deteriorate as a once-intriguing character because the creative forces behind the show have shown that they have no idea what to do with potential like that.

Seriously, Adam buried alive? Screaming for help? Adam being all-out evil? I can't get over how wasted the character is.

Oh well, fuck Heroes. I bought the second season of Alias on DVD (region 3, sadly, but I have no money for region 1) and David's in quite a number of episodes and he had that nice longish hair which looked damn hot, so that should satisfy my David cravings for a while. I need season 1 first though; I can't watch things out of sequence, not even shows that I've watched before - over and over. (I watched Season 1 of Veronica Mars seven times, and every single time I watched it in sequence.)

4 a.m. Going to sleep.

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