anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

A very short update.

Today was mildly productive. I was in the NUS law library for the afternoon and managed to write out some thoughts, as well as get a vague sense of what the first year paper is likely to look at. I still feel, however, that I am not doing enough work (because I am not doing enough work) and that I am not reading enough theory. I hope I really get back into the thrust of things once I am back in Cambridge and start breathing the air of intellectuals once more.

I had lunch with Emily at Mr Prata. As usual, she was very entertaining.

I want to watch a French film now, so I will conclude with this: Dominic said that 'you looked amazing in [the Sentosa] pictures, if I may say this without sounding inappropriate. ;)'

He's getting better at the art of the compliment!
Tags: dominic, friends, phd, work

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