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I woke up late-ish today, at about 11am. The original plan was to have beehoon at Maxwell Food Centre, but when my mom and I got there, we found out that the entire hawker centre was closed for spring cleaning. What terrible luck we had! The spring cleaning was also just for one day (i.e. today) so the timing was quite terrible. It was no wonder, then, that there were 22 available parking spaces at the public carpark just opposite the food centre; according to my mom, it's usually a nightmare finding parking spaces in the area on a weekday afternoon.

In the end, we went to Marina Square where I had beehoon at Qi Ji. My mom wanted beehoon, but she told me to order 'Set 5', so I orderd 'Set 5', which is nasi lemak with some other things. I brought the food back to her and she said, 'I wanted beehoon!' What she meant, in fact, was that she wanted beehoon with the Set 5 ingredients. Like I told her, sometimes I really don't understand what she's talking about!

The beehoon was super yummy, and so I think I have successfully checked 'economic beehoon' off my list of things to eat before returning to Cambridge...though I am still missing the one in Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Alas, no more time to go. Boo hoo.

I spent my afternoon in the NUS Law Library. I read Chapters 2 and 3 of Liberal Nationalism. I took a nap in between; had a hazy dream about G which I didn't remember at all, then bitched to Rui about it. She told me to 'ignore G'. I said, 'There's nothing to ignore. I told him not to contact me and he's readily complied.' Of course, she was right to say that I didn't actually want him to talk to me; but it would be a little bit nice if he'd been a bit more resistant to the idea of not having me in his life. That said, it's also good to know exactly how much he cared about our purported togetherness, i.e. not very much at all (and obviously, that was what I meant when I told him that he didn't care at all, not that he didn't care about me as a person). I am eagerly awaiting the day when 24 hours go by without him crossing my mind at all. It would be nice if he stopped appearing in my dreams too.

Anyway. I had dinner with Ryan at the Penang eatery at King's Arcade. I kind of enjoy listening to his law school woes about modules and professors and grades; it makes me feel all sage-like when I offer him advice. He was considering doing Nation Building on the basis that law students usually get an A for it, which makes it a guaranteed A. I proceeded to shatter his illusion by cheerfully informing him that I got a B for it. More importantly, though, it was a complete waste of time: it was not remotely interesting, it was not remotely critical, and it was a rehash of secondary school crap which was utterly boring. I wish I'd taken an interesting non-law module (something in literature or philosophy) instead of this boring Singapore history module.

I came home and started packing. I am now mentally ready to return to Cambridge.

Lastly, Dominic is so sweet. The first line of his latest message reads, 'Would you mind if I considered picking you up at the bus stop on Thursday?'

I had considered that he would consider this. My biggest worry is that I'm going to be looking like crap when I get off the bus, so I would rather he didn't see me in my crap state and met me a couple of hours later, after I've had the chance to shower and look less crap. Besides, I need to clean my room immediately after I get back, so I'll need some time to do what I have to do before I can entertain human contact. But I think it's so sweet that he wants to pick me up at the bus stop.
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