anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Quick and Crappy Entry

Quick entry as I need to sleep and get up at 5am to go to the airport:

Tuesday - Had lunch with Prof Kev!n T@n at Brunetti. He read my conference paper and gave me useful comments. I am beginning to learn, though, that when someone starts off his comments with 'you write very well', it is all downhill from there. Apart from that, I had a great time talking to him - or rather, listening to his stories! He's had amazing life experiences and he's a great storyteller, so I was very entertained. After this, I met Mag at Clinton Street Bakery or whatever and we pad $18 pancakes. Mag said it wasn't orgasmic. I think that wasn't untrue. It was nice, but it would've been amazing if it had cost $10 less. Alas. I went home for dinner and enjoyed yummy homemade nasi lemak. My mom is awesome.

Wednesday - Played tennis in the morning with SCW. My forehand was non-existent, but backhand was solid, so it was a good session. I attempted to do some reading in the afternoon, but I was really really tired, so I managed only one 17-page chapter from Liberal Nationalism. My mom and I met my aunts (her sisters) at Turf City (Coffee and Pie or Pie and Coffee or whatever) at 4.30pm. I had pancakes again (this craving is unsatiable!) but they weren't great. My mom ordered the teh tarik cake because of me and it was amazing! I wish I'd discovered it earlier.

This is my last night in Singapore. This was probably my best trip home ever since I moved away. I am too tired to properly reflect/write, and I want to finish the novel that I'm reading before I leave, so I'll leave further thoughts to another day.
Tags: family, food, mag, playing tennis, singapore

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