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College Bar, Friday Night

Friday night at the college bar was pretty awesome. I hung out with Dominic, Sean and Wei-Yun mostly, and Wei-Yun was hilarious. Initially, we talked privately about her recent bad luck with men (I think it's even worse than mine) and about her recent trip to Vienna; subsequently, Dominic and Sean entered the conversation and she started bullying them. She does this thing where she offers something that she's baked for someone, and expertly extracts from that person a promise to cook her something. She'd somehow obtained acquiescence from Dominic to make a quiche at some point in February, which is pretty amazing because this guy doesn't cook at all.

It was someone's birthday celebration last night and Wei-Yun had baked a cake for the birthday girl. Towards the end of the night, Sean had maybe half a slice of cake; and just like that, she started badgering Sean about cooking her something. Eventually, Sean said, 'I'll cook you pasta with a really nice sauce.'

Dominic said, 'Where's the pasta from?'

Sean said, 'M&S!'

Dominic said, 'And are you going to make the sauce yourself?'

Sean paused for a second or two, and then sheepishly admitted, 'No.'

I'm doing an awful job of re-telling this. The bottom line is, it was a hilarious night. I laughed really hard. Wei-Yun is quite precious; I like her a lot. She's also convinced me to go to this Scottish dancing thing at Cripps next Friday. Dominic tried quite hard to sell it to me but I was totally not convinced, so it says something about Wei-Yun's power of persuasion that I agreed to go!


There are some other things that I want to say, but not publicly, so I will write it in a private entry now.
Tags: cambridge, dominic, friends

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